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Glutton For Punishment

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Anyone else out there a glutton for punishment like me? I knew from the first time we slept together (and I do mean the actual meaning of that!), I knew my husband slept like the dead, and yet could toss and turn in his sleep. Fortunately for me, it's not every night. Maybe once a month he gets restless, and though he really sleeps like he's dead, he moves. And beats on me! Ok, not beating, but his arms flop around, and land on me. He knees me when he fidgets. Never bad enough to really hurt, or bruise or anything, but man! It sure is hard to sleep when it's raining arms!

I defintely understand why separate beds / bedrooms for married couples are showing up more and more!

Any one else out there do something that the pros outweight the cons, but sometimes you wonder why??
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You could try convincing him to have a sleep study done to see if there's anything to help his trashing about. Even though he sleeps "like the dead", moving around like that likely suggests he's not getting very good quality of sleep.

And if you can afforded it, separate beds may be a good idea. They could be pushed together and pulled apart at night, you wouldn't have to worry about him flailing in his sleeping, stealing blankets, and you could both have different softness/firmness to the beds.
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Thanks for the advice!

He definitely isn't getting a good night's sleep when he does that. But, since it's not very often (like I said, maybe one night a month, probably less), we're not too worried. Everyone has restless nights sometimes!

The two-bed thing is a good idea, but I just go sleep on the futon if it's bad. We'll look in to it, though!

Really, I was just wondering what similar situations other people find themselves in. Not just SO related!
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Well... sometimes I eat stuff I know I shouldn't or eat when I know I can't handle food on some days. Very unpleasant.

Good luck on figuring out what's going on. My DH sometimes snores, I suspect he has sleep apnea - but he refuses to do anything about it , and he seems to enjoy rolling over and sticking a knee in my back...
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Oh, I snore. I DO have sleep apnea. I have a C-PAP machine to help with that but I HATE the darn thing. Makes my nose sore and forces me to sleep on my back. So when I don't use if, BF has to go sleep in another room.
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Oh my DH is bad about the trashing! Ive gotten bruises from the tearing around in his sleep! And if he sleeps on his back he snores so loud the neighbors complain!
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