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Uncontrolled Seizure Dx

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My 4 year old rescued cat suddenly developed a seizure disorder in March. She was on valium but was a zombie so now, has been on phenobarbital, 12.5 mg twice a day. Once a week she has a seizure. I never see them but find her sitting covered in drool. She also has been chewing her legs. One area is slightly raw. I live in the Caribbean so no sophisticated vet care. What can I do?
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I really can't offer any experience in this....what a poor kitty...I imagine that she is chewing her leg out of stress probably related to not feeling well ie, the drugs, and the seizures. Sure wish there was a Vet who could help you.
I guess you're doing the best that you can. I'll send some healing hugs and hope that you can get some good information...
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