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Sisal rope

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Do your cats like sisal rope on their scratching post? I was wondering because we got a new cat tree a little while back with sisal rope because cats are supposed to like it, but our cats don't touch it. They scratch only the carpeted parts. So do your cats like it?

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One of their trees have it, and they have really worn it out, they love it
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I didn't vote because you don't have my option!

Evie uses her sisal, but doesn't really like it. I see her use it MAYBE once a week. She LOVES her cardboard the most! On her cat trees, she does use the carpet more than the sisal.
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I said yes, but it's more the sisal rope that they love! They hang off it, attack it, wrestle it - it's a great toy!
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Riley loves it
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All three of my cats love it, but I still see them having a tat at my carpet
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All my like the sisal rope, and they like the cardboard. I imagine that if a cat is declawed they would not like it as much. They are very good about using their sisal & cardboard scratchers. I'm sure every cat has their own preferance.
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Mine use their sisal rope wrapped post frequently, but really love their sisal cloth mat more.

Does anyone know where to buy sisal cloth in bulk? Like 10-12 yards of the stuff? Due to the texture I think it would make nice natural looking rugs and would be great for offering the cats plenty of places to scratch.
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Stimpy lives for sisal. Nabu prefers carpet (especially berber). Raven used to like carpet and cardboard the best.
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I haven't tried, really at all, to keep my cats from scratching furniture. I've only got very cheap furniture, and the cats seem to enjoy using more than either my spouse or I enjoy it. I did buy a bed from Ikea about a year ago, and they appeared too excited by the bottom of it, so I wrapped a sheet around it. But other than that bed, they can scratch my furniture.

Artemis likes flat surfaces best, and of the current surfaces in my house, she likes 1) the wide back of a chair 2) a flat cardboard scratcher and 3) the vertical sisal rope wrapped scratching post.

Athena likes vertical surfaces best, and her current preferences appear to be 1) naked (unvarnished, untreated) wooden table legs 2) vertical sisal rope wrapped scratching post and 3) flat cardboard scratcher.

My spouse says they use the sisal scratching post more when I'm not home -- which seems strange to me, but apparently they follow me around when I'm home. It certainly looks well used, more than any surface in our apartment other than the bare table legs. But because of how much Athena likes the bare table legs, I'm going to make sure to have a scratching post that is just bare wood available for her at all times, even if I get rid of the table (the attachment of the legs to the table, completely unrelated to the state of the scratched table legs, is not so good).

I keep meaning to get a flat sisal fabric scratcher; I think Artemis would love it, from her current scratching preferences.
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My former cat LOVED the sisal, and so that's what I bought for my new guy, but he seems to prefer those cardboard scratching pads. I've read that they prefer to scratch standing up, but those pads are on the floor. He will use the sisal, but really likes the cardboard pads and wears them out. I guess cats are truly individuals with everything!
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Oliver LOVES his sisal!

I didn't want to offer him carpet so he wouldn't confuse scratching post with floor carpet and think all carpet is fair game... I actually made him a custom 3' sisal scratching post out of scrap wood in the garage and sisal rope from home depot and he's always stretching up on it and scratching and then he'll push off and zoom away... I always put catnip and treats around a new post and I used a fishing rod type toy near/on it when I first made it to get him to like pounce up on it and when he did I praised him and gave him treats and there was no turning back after that!

For his horizontal scratchers, I cut several pieces of cardboard and stack them up and duct tape them and then cover them in denim from old pairs of jeans that have ripped - he loves to scratch those, but also perches on them (like it's his own special seat) and leans on them when he lays down.

I'll never buy another scratching post - I'll keep making them (the only thing I would buy would be an intricate tree, cuz I think I'd get frustrated making my own... don't have room for one right now though)
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None of mine will touch the stuff.
All of their scratching posts have some on them and they ingnore it completely...they do however LOVE the carpeted parts of the posts.
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My cats LOVE the sisal rope- they both scratch it several times a day.

They have this one from Dr. Foster & Smith and I highly recommend it- very well made

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Mine love sissal and won't touch carpet, faux fur or cardboard.
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My girlies like theirs!
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