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I haven't laughed this hard in a while

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I can't believe I just did this...but I just waxed my brothers back! It was the funniest thing! He's 17 and quite self conscience of himself. He's got a bit of fuzz on his back and it just had to come off! I told him I'd get him some Nair, but he insisted I get some wax instead. So, since I've been wondering how NADS (that green goo from Down Under) works, I bought some yesterday. He practically begged me to do it to his I did! The poor guy had a white knuckle grip on the kitchen table and a towel in his mouth! He said if he didn't grip something, he'd deck me and if he didn't have something in his mouth he'd scream bloody murder. It really did hurt me to do it at first, but he got me laughing so hard...I barely had the strength to rip the strip off! He whined like a little girl! I barely got any hair off and he was swearing like a sailor!

Feeling kind of gutsy myself, I thought I'd give it a try too. I of course was STUPID and tried it on my arm pits! OMG did that ever hurt! I couldn't pull the strip off (I'm such a chicken!), so I had my Mom hank on it. Imagine me with a towel in my mouth as a gag and one arm wrapped around the towel rack & the other on the shower door! She jerked that puppy off and I just about took off the shower door! Mom starts giggling and then showed me the strip...2 little measly hairs were sticking from the wax! All that pain for 2 little hairs! I gave up and washed that goo off my pits!

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HAHA!!! Men are so funny with anything like that. I have never used wax myself . . . I'm too chicken to even try it!!
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Don't it hurts like...%^*$ know what!!
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I think I'll take your note and apply it to myself too! Eep!
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LOL!! I won't . . . except maybe for my wedding . . . then I'd get it done professionally.
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I tried it once and you are right it hurt! I never did it again! I use a razor!!
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I had my eyebrows waxed and it did'nt bother me. I think that tweezers hurt alot more for me! I would never wax anywhere else on my body though! Ouch!
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Shell I tried Nads once a long time ago. That stuff SUCKS!! Waxing is verrry painful, but I like to get it done on my eyebrows!

As for the rest of my bodyparts. My Venus razor will work just fine.

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Your poor bro! I would have been laughing too I think!

Waxing at home just isn't worth it at all! The results always suck as far as I'm concerned. My bf thinks he's too hairy and always wants to have professional hair removal but I think I'm the one who should get to go!
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I'd get professional bikini waxing if I could afford it. Pain doesn't bother me. I tried that nads stuff and it didn't work. I also got some of that epil-stop spray stuff but haven't had the chance to try it yet.
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What is epil-stop? I've never heard of it.
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it's a spray-on depilitory. supposedly uses like orange oil to remove hair naturally.
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When I worked at Walgreen's, almost every box of NADS that we sold, was returned. That was enough to keep me from trying it. The Epil-Stop came back a lot, too. Think that I'll stick with my 10-for-99 cents disposable razors!
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That was great Shell!

Before my wedding I went and got a "Brazilian" wax (for those of you that don't know, it's where they wax everything down there). I seriously don't recommend it to anyone!! My husband thought it was great, but it was so not worth the pain!:
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Ha Ha! I guess it's a "I'll try anything once" type deal? I got Nair's before and I liked it. It even tasted good. The only thing I didn't like about it was that I would have to get someone else to do the back of my legs, as I can't get a good grip there. I did hubby's back once and what a hoot! He yelped, I laughed, it went that way over and over. ahh funny times. But I left it in the bathroom and it went all crystalized from the moisture of the bathroom. It was sealed, but the steam got through anyhow. I remember Zellers was selling it awhile ago, perhaps I can go and get some again. heehee "OH DARRELL!!!"

Nair is good too, but I don't like that it makes my skin all sensitive afterwards. I even bought the sensitive kind, but I guess my body doesn't like acid burning off the hairs.

I guess I'll stay with shaving.
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Shell - you paint a VERY funny picture of your poor brother - at only 17 that's sure to scar him for life emotionally!!!!! - poor thing, he'll be forwever terrified of women bearing down upon him with sticky goo!

I find self-waxing almost worse than useless (you just can't pull hard enough coz you're scared of the pain), but having it done professionally, by someone that knows what they are doing is not only effective, but can be quite painless too. Oh, apart from bikini line - that is never painless!!!!
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Tamme dear...I really hope you didn't eat Nair! Where you talking about Nads? That stuff you can actually eat...and yes I even tried it last night. It doesn't taste bad, but not exactly great either.

Oh..speaking of Epil Stop! Got another story about that junk! This past summer I thought I'd give it a try. Since I've got dark hair and have hair arms, I thought this would be great. So I sprayed that stuff on both of my arms and waited the 8 minutes it said to wait. And..when it was time to wash it off...only half the hair was removed. The hair that remained looked like it was burnt and was sticking together...It was a complete mess! The bottle said not to apply the stuff more than once a what does a woman do? I broke out the razor! I ended up shaving both arms down and had to deal with prickly hair growing back. I returned that stuff the same day and got my money back. I'll probably do the same thing with the Nads. I do not recommend Nads or Epil stop...looks like I'm going back to using my good ol' fashioned razor!
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Shell, if hair on your arms bothers you, try Sally Hansen Creme Bleach.

Fortunately, I'm fair-skinned and -haired but I have a bit of a hormone imbalance, causing some unwanted growth, here and there. Brush-On Nair for faces is great stuff! It works in less than 10 minutes and isn't painful, like tweezing!
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Thanks Cindy! I think I might have to give that a try! I usually just wax or pluck the hairs on my upper lip...I hate that dumb little mustach! The hairs on my arms aren't really really dark, but I just don't like the look of it. My arms looked great after I shaved them..but boy was that the dicken's when it grew back it! Most of the hairs became ingrown and it just looked nasty! Never again...I think I'll just bleach em. At least they won't be that noticeable that way.
Thank you once again!
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I can't stop laughing!!! That is too funny!!!

I agree, it does hurt!! I got waxing done when I went east back in October, and it hurt a bit, but I found it hurt more on the calves, back of your knees, and ankles....the bikini line wasn't too bad. But it felt so cool against your pant legs afterwards!

My sister and I tried it at her place a few years ago, just the home waxing stuff, and it was way to hard to do on your own, so we did one strip....ok, technically it was me who got ripped off!

We did it right before her wedding, and she said she would never do that again, she'll stick to the razor. I don't know why they advertise that you can be hair free for 4-6 weeks....we haven't figured out how they can be yet. Maybe if you do it all the time, I guess. But we were only hair free for like maybe 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. And we don't have $40 to spend on it all the time. So we won't be doing it again!
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