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My Gifts Are Backwards!!

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I know this is quite trivial but I just wanted to know why my gifts are backwards. For example my first ever gift was a red heart, and that always used to be at the beginning of the line of gifts. Instead now it is at the end. And the sunset and horseshoe were the most recent gifts I have had, and now instead of being on the bottom line these two are now first in the top row?
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I've noticed that, too! Well, mine appear in the right order to me, but I've noticed when I give gifts, some are showing up backwards. I assumed it's an option somewhere...

Hope someone with an answer comes by for you soon!
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There were some problems following the latest vBulletin upgrade. For example, people who accepted offers from "friends" found the friends' gifts showing up in their profiles. While that problem has been resolved, the upgrade may have affected the order of the gift display. I guess we just have to get used to the "new order". I'll do a little test, and see where the new gifts show up in your displays.

Weird. The cows are showing up last.
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Is this the right order?

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Originally Posted by marsch21 View Post
Is this the right order?

It seems to have resolved itself.
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yeah, thanks peeps! LoL I wasn't too bothered about whether it could be fixed or not, as long as they are still there

Thanks for the cow jcat!!
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Mine are still backwards. Doesnt bother me, just thought Id mention it : )
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I confess, I give up on trying to figure out the technical aspects of the gifts bug... We just hired a coder just to make sure all the gifts are indeed showing up, so I'm glad that bit is sorted at last
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