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Shiloh...feral kitten turned loving foster

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Here is what I posted in my thread in the ferals section: (For the whole thread check here:

Just wanted to update. Shiloh died on Saturday night. I am heartbroken. He was the sweetest, cutest little kitten I have rescued yet. We think he had some congenital disorder that caused it. Shiloh had stopped growing a couple of weeks ago and was starting to get very frail. He was eating great and even kept playing, but was not growing or putting on weight at all. I brought him to the vet 2 times and they couldn't find anything wrong with him, although he was on medicine for intestinal worms when he died.

Before I went to bed on Saturday night, I knew that was the last time I would see sweet Shiloh alive. I just had a feeling, and he was just different that night. He was calm, not fatigued, just calm. A couple of times he took a few deep breaths and it looked like he was struggling to breathe. When I picked him up he seemed so frail that he would break if I grabbed him too hard. Saturday night I cuddled with him on the couch, so he would be very loved his last night. He just purred the whole time. When I put him away for the night I told him I loved him and left the room. Sunday morning I was scared to get out of bed and go in the room. Once I got up all I heard was silence...Shiloh always meowed like crazy when he heard me get up. That's when I knew for sure he had passed. When I finally had the strength to go in the room, he was in the same spot I had left him. I believe he passed soon after I set him in there.

RIP Shiloh- June1 2008- July 27 2008

On a happy note, his 3 siblings are doing well and are very socialized now and Two other fosters of mine were adopted yesterday.

Thanks for listening.
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I am so sorry for your loss, Shiloh was beautiful. Thanks for loving him and taking care of him.
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i'm sorry to hear of your loss he was a handsome devil and I hope you feel better as days go by

RIP little shiloh may you find happiness at the rainbow bridge
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I've just been reading all your posts on Shiloh & his siblings. The final one brought tears to my eyes. RIP little Shiloh. He had such a sweet little face. Keep up the good work with the rest of the little ones.
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Thank you all for your kind words. I actually feel worse today than yesterday. I guess it still wasn't quite real that I had lost him yesterday. Last night I couldn't fall asleep...images of him lying there lifeless kept flashing through my head and I couldn't stop sobbing. Today I am very upset too. I have only lost one other and had only had him for 12 hours. Shiloh I had had for 4 weeks, had socialized him and had bonded with him. He was just such a sweet little guy.

Kalikat...thank yo for reading my posts and supporting me. That makes me feel better.
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RIP Sweet Shiloh

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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i'm so sorry that you lost such a dear little soul.

please remember though that you made a huge difference to his life. as you said in your post, you cuddled him that last night to reinforce how loved he is. he would have known that and that simple act of kindness would have helped him on his way across the bridge.

RIP sweet shiloh.
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He's such a beautiful little boy.
Rest In Peace, sweetie
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So sorry he died.
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Thanks. I just had my lunch break and cried the whole time. lol, I am ridiculous.

In a weird way though, I am relieved. The past couple of weeks I was always worrying about Shiloh and dreaded going in their room after work or in the morning in fear that I would find him no longer alive. Now that it has happened, I am absolutely devastated but do not have to worry about his health anymore. Now I just have to grieve and do the best I can for his siblings.

Am I messed up for feeling a little relieved? I just wish I could get the image of him just lying there out of my keeps flashing in my head and haunting me, and then I cry. This almost makes me not want to rescue kitties anymore, I just don't deal with death very well.
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You're not ridiculous and there's nothing wrong with feeling relieved.
You loved that little sweetie, you took great care of him but in the end his life was meant to be a short one, and nothing could have changed that.

He went to the bridge knowing what some cats never know their whole lives and that's love and compassion
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It's so sad when they are so young and sweet. Time will ease the pain. Like everyone said you gave him a wonderful month of love.
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so sorry to read of Shiloh's passing. you gave him love during his short time here w/you. for you & a for little Shiloh...
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Poor baby kitty.. and poor you. I'm so sorry he's gone, but don't feel bad for being relieved. He was sick, and you gave him a great life while he was with you. He was such a handsome kitty... he's probably playing up a storm with Wukong over the Rainbow Bridge, free from disease and pain RIP little Shiloh
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Thanks everybody. I am feeling a little better today. Although, now I am worried about another little kitty I am fostering.

I am glad Shiloh was able to spend part of his life in my house, and I hope now he has all the strength he needs to play with all our beloved furbabies who have passed.

Thanks for your posts and for making me feel ok about my feelings of relief.
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of course you feel relieved, you were worried sick about something you love dearly and now you know he is a peace. please, please do not let this experience deter you from fostering - you are truly wonderful for doing what you do & they need you. the world needs people like you. you gave him the best gift you could give - love. you have a huge heart and you must share it with other cats/kittens in need, it's an order!! don't think about how he looked when he had gone, because he had gone. that beaming little love was in a better place and you need not keep replaying that image. remember the beauty & love in his eyes when he looked at you - thats what he looked like. xxxx
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I am so so sorry. This reminds me of my own foster kitten. One day we went into her room and she had vomited, had diarrhea. She looked like she was in the same condition as Shiloh () but she pulled through...
I always worry I am going to go into the room and she'll be dead. I hope not, but like you said, the best thing you can possibly do is love his siblings.
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, little Shiloh!!You are Heaven's little treasure now - and a sweet little plaything for those little angels who were called away from their earthly families much too soon. Enjoy those scritches and pets as much as those little children will be enjoying your headbutts and famous purrs
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your adorable baby. Rest in Peace Shiloh.
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Bless his little heart I'm so sorry.

Shiloh will be well looked after by all the older TCS cats at the bridge

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I am so sorry for your loss, but glad that you have others to love and care for.
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Thank you! It has definitely gotten better with time. And I have had so many kittens to care for since then so it has helped ease the pain. I have received 4 new kittens since then! And 3 are sick right now, so I am fighting so hard for them, for Shiloh!

Thanks again. No matter how long you have them, it is just not easy losing them
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It's good to read that you are feeling better. I'm also relieved that you are going to continue to foster.

You gave Shiloh a beautiful gift -- your love. Without that he might not have known human love and caring. You can give that to your new little ones, too.

Sending best wishes for you and for Shiloh.
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What a sweet little face. Rest in peace Shiloh.
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