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Freeway kitten is sick..

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Help..its almost midnight and i was just woke up to find the 6 week old kitten thats been doing so good the past week puking. I noticed he has been a little quiet and not eating much.
Little History:
He was found walking down a highway...was dehydrated...started KMR and was doing well.
Introducing him to solids but he does not want it Mixed KMR with baby food chicken..ate two days very good on it. Lapping up from bowl.
Today , playful but not eating good..ate ok about 9:30 p.m from a bowl .
I could tell in his eyes he is not feeling well so got syringe out and gave him plain KMR..he ate a little. Now he threw up twice..
Should I give him more kMR..I don't think i should... should I let his stomach settle? Sould i go get pedialyte..worried about dehydration..this tiny..he is about 20 ounces.
He is going to vet in the morning.. early but I have to work at 2:30 am..
any advice what I can do now..he is looking at me so helpless..he is in a cage right next to my bed. HELP..waiting for advice!!!
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I'd call the emergency vet and ask what you should do. Dehydration can set in quickly in little kittens- you may need to take him in for fluids tonight at least... I would at least stop the KMR and instead try a few drops of room temp/luke warm water every 10-15 mins. or so. But my first instinct is to call the vet asap if you are worried about how he looks/is acting. I hope he's okay. Oh, and keep him warm if he's not fevered (I used to tuck my tiny bottle babies in the front of my shirt ).
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Do get him to the vet as soon as possible.
And about the pedialyte - I've used it with kittens to get a bit of extra nutrients in them and when they have diarrhea. What I did was mix it in with the powder KMR, and just used a 1/3 of it as pedialyte instead of water.
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its 6 am and he threw up 1 more time during the night and refuses to eat. My vet does not have emergency no# and i will never use the clinic in my area...a rip off and they do info over phone...have to pay upfront to get animal looked at . money is not the issue..its the fact that this place is being investigated for mistreatment of animals and charging an enormous amout (4-5 hundred) to get your pet looked at.
been there ..done that! Anyway..even though he is sick..he is still runing around playing..we will be at vet at 8:30 when they open. He refuses to eat anything. Will let you know results thanks
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Do you have any fluids that you could give him some sub-q? Like 10 cc if you have any.
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We went to the vet this morning and the doc checked Freeway over, poor sick little kitty. they gave him sub-Q IV fluid and we have to go back tomorrow for another round.
He is on antibiotics and eye med. I got pedialyte and more KmR to give him also. we will see how he poor little guy.
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I wish him the are some healing hugs...
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for Freeway!
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Positive thoughts for you and your baby.
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I pray that your little addition gets well soon!!!
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Well THANKS to all for the good vibes. Little Freeway looks alot better. He isn't eating as much, but he has stopped throwing up. Which is great!! He is running around playing, our littel ankle!!
well hopefully he will continue getting better.....and we can get him on solid foods...
thanks to all
Have a great Summer day!!!!
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