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Nala's story (1/3 cat stories)

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Let me tell you about my first experience with a cat. I was very young but I can remember it vividly.

I was in the middle of the summer and my family and I were sitting around a fire in the back yard making s`mores talking etc. All the sudden we hear kitten meows coming from an old garage which we had recently rescued and gave away kitten and the mother (after they were done nursing of course). My brother goes to check it out and find a very small starving kitten, and he came back with it in his hands begging my dad if we could keep it, my dad said yes and my brother quickly found a low and large cardboard box and put the kitten with milk and water in there.

We all go to bed and my dad is talking to my brother about how his cat probably wasn't going to make it through the night (because it looked so malnourished). We wake up the next day and there she is escaped from the box licking my brother in the face telling him to wake up. We played with the kitten all day and showered her with lots of love for the years to come. I thought this was an amazing story and just wanted to share it with you guys, nala has crossed the rainbow bridge but all is well now.
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Sounds like an incredible kitty. Share her photos on the site if you can find any of her.. I'd love to see her RIP Nala
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