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My Beloved Jezabel (the 3-legged kitten)

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Some of you may remember a few months ago i had a little 3-legged foster kitten named Jezabel. Little Jezzy has since gone on to a forever home after she was spayed and recovered from her amputation. To this day though i still think of her every day and miss her soo much. I grew so attached to this little angel. I just wanted to share some of her pictures with everyone. She was such a wonderful little girl! I hope she's doing well in her new home! (The link to some of her threads http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hlight=Jezabel if you do a search for "jezabel"- there are more about her story too)

Hiding behind the kitty basket lol!

Hanging out on the catnip mat- she LOVED it! (I told her new owners about it when she was adopted (I actually typed up a huge letter all about her and her story for them!) -they said they would get her one)

I loved her little "gotee"

I always loved how pretty her fur coat is!!

Getting a drink of water after some physical therapy exercise

So cute!

Her amputation site area (healing and with fur regrowth) The lighter area near the tail is the site.
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Oh bless her heart, what a sweet little face she has Nikki I'm so pleased she has a loving home after her ordeal
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Aww Bless her, she's adorable
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awww that calico beauty I hope she is happy and doing well
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She has such a sweet little face, I can see why you've bonded with her and still think of her often. I'm really glad she's gone to a good home
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Thank you everyone for the sweet comments. I still miss her soooo much I still have her little baby collar too- i keep it in our bathroom on one of my makeup bags and think about her every time i see it She was such a blessing to have around!!! This little one had been through the mill too- had to have a leg amputated, worst case of ear mites i had EVER seen, ever!, URI...you name it- but you could just tell she was a fighter- she pulled through and found a great home. I couldn't be happier for her- but deep down i really wish i would have kept her ( i was sooo bonded with her) I know though that the more i keep, the less i can foster and help and there will ALWAYS be more that need my help -so that was why...but i do miss her Letting her go was one of the hardest things i've ever done- but i'm just glad she found a good home!

I've got a lot more pictures of her - i'll have to find them and post them
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She is beautiful! What a precious face. I can tell she is a happy girl despite all the troubles she has been through. It is hard to let some of them go to their forever homes, some just instantly steal our hearts.

Hopefully you will get updates.
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