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Chin-Up's in the Morning ???...LOL

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Sport has started the cutest habit. He has his little wicker basket that he sleeps in. The basket has a bit handle as you can see. When he wakes up in the morning....and ONLY in the morning, he reaches his 2 little paws up, grabs the handle, and to stretch, he does chin-up's. It is just darling to watch. I actually got it on film. Dee how cute !!!!
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OMG that is so amazingly cute!
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What a little precious cutie pie doing his chin ups
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Those are the most graceful chin-ups I've ever seen- especially first thing in the morning!

He's positively precious, I love that look on his face in the first picture!
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haha! Funny!

He'll need a larger basket when he's bigger so he can continue the chinups!
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awr TOTAL cuteness!
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ah, nothing starts the day like morning calisthenics!!
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SO cute! OMG
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Sport is a very athletic kitten and cute as can be.
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Awwww isn't that the cutest thing!
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Sport is such a darling boy!!!

You can see his personality from his photo's, he is a very special kitty!
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