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Chloe doesn't meow

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I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum to ask this but here goes...

Chloe doesn't meow. Instead, she has this funny whining sound that she makes, like a 2-year-old would sound. When we first adopted her at 12 weeks old, she wouldn't make any noise. Then a few weeks after we brought her home, she started making the whiney noise.

Is it fairly common for a cat to not meow? Could it be the result of being orphaned? A hearing issue maybe?

She seems perfectly healthy, it's just something I've always wondered about. She'll be 1 next month.
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Like people they all sound different. One of minei chirps, one of them sounds like a little screech, one opens her mouth but not much comes out, a couple of them I don't hear at all.
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Originally Posted by aswient View Post
Like people they all sound different. One of minei chirps, one of them sounds like a little screech, one opens her mouth but not much comes out, a couple of them I don't hear at all.
Don't worry my cat is about 7 years old and makes these noises that sound like broken up meows.
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Arwen has been making 'rush of air' sounds from kittenhood, and even now she is an adult now her mews are still very quiet...

It's nothing to worry about!
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You have nothing to worry about. My Sport squeeks when he greets you. It's the cutest thing

Rob & Sport
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I used to have a cat named Scampi Marie, who never meowed instead she'd squeak and squeal. The cutest sounds I've ever heard
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pepe doesn't meow instead he makes this sound that sounds like a very loud purr or a rumbling I think it's cute!
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It's very normal, cats are all individuals too. My tribe is like listening to a chorus. Big street tough Mischief has the most darling little "mew" you ever heard, Blondie, the youngest of the girls, has a loud, "alley cat on the prowl" meow, Etcetera sounds like Mischief, but in rapid sequence like "mewmewmewmewmewmew"; and poor Hobo doesn't meow, it's more like a very soft rattle, something like "kakakakak"
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We have a feral cat named Blondie. She is approx. 5 years old. The only noise I ever heard her make sounded kind of like an Ewok noise (from Star Wars) - that's the only way I can describe it. She only made that noise to her kittens and sometimes to me. She surprised us one evening when we went for a walk when we heard a LOUD meowing behind us. We turned around and it was Blondie! We haven't heard it since. She's just a very quiet cat. Her two kittens are quite vocal and each have their own meows.

Our indoor cat is also extremely vocal and has his own varied meows.

I think they all have their own way of speaking - just like us.
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Two of my cats don't meow either; one chirps and trills and the other one only squeaks.
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I'm so glad you asked this question because my recently adopted 5-year-old boy whines, too! I've also observed that he's quiet around guests or visitors, but usually only vocalizes to me, so it may be a sign of the bond we have?

In any case, I find his whining annoying at times because it sounds like a spoiled child--but, of course, I may have 'developed' the sound by spoiling him:-)
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My tiny little 6 year old girl meows - loudly - and chirps and chitters and makes a sad little noise when she think I won't wake up at o'dark-thirty in the morning, but my big hulking 13 pound boy just has this weird little rolling sound he makes, only when I get home at night - otherwise, he's pretty quiet. Weird, aren't they all?
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