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SOS Bengal Mix

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All, if you know someone who has lost a beautiful Bengal mix
kitty please READ this.

We found a Bengal mix (very classic bengal face, v. DARK body with
striped legs, spotted sides and belly. Has V. black coloration.
Maybe a pet quality or partial Bengal. Loves water, playtime,
FLIES - great fly catcher, LOL).

No one in the Ffx Co, NoVa area appears to be looking
for this baby. Have posted on Petfinders, and Tabby Tracker,
no luck.

Is very house broken etc. No real bad habits tho occassional
too big for litter box and dribbles a little pee out one side. But
not on purpose. Does not like my other kitties!!!

Will go into rescue but we need a foster space for him -
and we DESPERATELY want to locate the owner - god knows
this kitty is well behaved and probably someone's well loved pet.

Not sure if Bengal rescue would assist - he/she is not pure breed
look - too dark, but then again, has at least 50 percent "look" of

Anway, for those of you who might have suggestions or be interested
in assisting - let me know! I will probably be handing over for temp.
foster to a Loudoun Humane Society person - but may be getting back
to foster inside after Sept. when I get back from vacation.

We want to find this kitty a one cat home where he/she can "rule
the roost" LOL.
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Bengal Boy WAS CHIPPED! The chip was from a local area rescue group, but had not been registered by the new owners. We hope that we can track the owners via the rescue group. Either way Bengal Boy will get good care from now on! Not my issue any more, and I am SOO relieved to know it!!!
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I hope it is a good reunion. I would want my kitties returned to me.
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Gesh! What IS it with people today? The Bengal boy was DUMPED by the NEW OWNER who then called the Humane Lady (my friend) to go trap him where she had DUMPED him!!! ARRRGH.

Leaving aside the fact the cat could have been run over and died -
why didn't she just return it to the rescue???!!!

Long story cat is back up for adoption at Pet Smart in NoVa.

I am crying about this. It makes me so MAD!!!!

Meantime, Frodo (those who followed my thread on him known him, LOL)
has a brother cat who is a pure seal point looking cat. Frodo's bro is like him, they say, very mellow and will go inside/out no problem. They want to find him a home because he is so sweet. Sweeter than Frodo? I don't know.

Looks like I may wind up with a Frodo brother - hey a matched pair! My long term plan was to get them into Siamese Rescue... but that may not work,
so I am just hoping that I can find them some home - what ever it is not mine!

I still have the HIV/FIV positive kitty in the basement - vet thought he has other issues like lung cancer or something but couldn't be sure without a whole lot of tests - and I just didn't have the money or the heart to know. I
figure a shorter outdoor life or indoor life, so long as he's well taken care of...

is better than knowing the true extent of his problems and having to face putting him down...

Whawwww. I'm sad now.
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picture? I might be looking for a bengel
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I have a couple of pics I could send you. Right now, Bengal Boy
is with Fancy Cat Rescue Team at a Petco, up (again!) for

The rescue was VERY upset, this batty crazy lady
had another cat, she can't produce which she also probably
dumped out!!! GRRRRR. I hate people like that. She could
have taken back to the rescue... But NOOO she did not!!

If you seriously want him, go to the web site:


I did not see him posted, yet. But I hear he is at the Petsmart,
so I think he may already been adopted. Worth checking if
you truely want a Bengal Boy.
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