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I'm so happy!!

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I'm a kitty mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, we went to a Ragdoll breeder, just to look. We did NOT intend to pick out a cat; I really just wanted to get a feel for the breed. (We've been to lots of shelters and breeders, but this was the first Ragdoll breeder we'd been to.)

Well, I just fell in love with this baby girl. And, today, I decided to adopt her. So, I am officially a cat mom! Even though I can't actually take her home yet. (She was born 3/4/03, so I can take her home in June.)

I will be able to show her in the alter class, too, one day. She is "pet quality" but has decent markings, so while she may not win anything, I could test out the show scene with her. I am seriously thinking I may like to show/breed one day. So, this way I'll get a little experience and see if I like it!!!!!

I'm so happy, she is just really the cutest little thing. I'll try to post a pic.
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This is a pic from the breeder's site. I don't have any pictures of her of my own yet. She's a little over one month old.

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OH!! I have never seen one of them! They are CUTE!
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Here's the whole litter.

And her daddy:

And her momma:

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What adorable kitties!!!!
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Thank you! I get to name her, too!! I have 20 letter spaces I can use in her registration. I can't decide!!!
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And I'm changing my avatar, now that I finally have a cat picked out! What d'ya think?
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Oh my gosh, what a doll! I am jealous! Congratulations!!!!
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Congratulations, Viva! I knew you would go back and get her

She is absolutely precious!
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Your baby girl is adorable! Her parents are both stunning too... you must post pictures of her growing up! I bet you can't wait until June now.
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I saw your avatar and was wondering if that was the baby girl you fell in love with. She is a DOLL!!! I can't wait until you can bring her home and really inundate us with pictures.
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WOOHOO! Congratulations! She looks like an absolute angel! I can't wait to see more pictures
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OMG they are so adorable!!! You and kitty are going to be soooo happy.


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Ragdoll's are awesome pets. I have a cat that is half ragdoll and half Birman. I pick her up and carry her around like a "ragdoll". Ragdolls usually are very loving and people friendly cats.


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She's gorgeous! I've been looking at ragdolls on the internet, and they are gorgeous and sound like they have great personalities. Post pictures when you get some more!!
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Thanks everyone!!! She really is a sweetie! And no, I absolutely cannot wait for June, now!! It seems so far away! But, hey, she's 5 and a half weeks old, now. So, only 6 and a half til I bring her home!! (She can go home at 12 weeks.)

I'm trying to decide on a name for her. I was thinking something like the name of a Greek goddess, but I don't want it to be hard to pronounce, either. I'm making up a list right now, then I'll just start narrowing down, I guess!

I'll keep everyone posted, and make sure to post more pic's if I can get any, since I don't have her yet. I'd really love to visit her occasionally, maybe once or twice, before I bring her home. Seven weeks is a long time from now and I want her to "know" me. Would it be intruding on the breeder to ask about that? She's already done so much for me . . . and is taking me to a cat show with her. I don't want to wear out my welcome. Is it very common for people to go visit their pets before they bring them home?
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She looks like an angel!! Congrats on getting your new kitty!!!!
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She looks like she will grow up to be a beauty.

Little fluff ball! So cute .
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Of course I visited my baby before I brought her home!! Twice — once at 5 wks and once at 7 wks. Her breeder was very understanding and said, of course you need to have those baby pictures

I bet if you asked your breeder she would be happy to have you.
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Congrats mommy!
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Thanks everyone! You're all so kind!

I'll be posting sometime asking for tips on which kitty litter, food, etc. to get, since this is my first cat. I wanna make sure I "do it right!"

I've got the name list down from over 40 names to 18 . . . still got a ways to go . . . LOL
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Now your post in the DT isn't such a mystery! LOL!


....and of course I LOVE the new Avatar! I'm so sorry I didn't notice!


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How exciting! My hoots is Ragdoll(type). Her baby pictures look much like your kitten. Im going to have to go and dig them out and post them now. In case you havent seen her yet she is the seal point in my avatar. Ragdolls are just made for hugging and holding! Im so happy for you.
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I would love to see baby pictures!! Is Hoots very big? I've heard Ragdoll males can get to be over 20 lbs!! (Mine is a girl, so she'll be smaller, but still . . . those are BIG cats!!)
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She is so gorgious! And her parents and sisters and brothers too!
Finally you are a mum to your first cat - I´m sure she will not be alone for long!
From what I have read, Ragdolls are wonderful!
I´m so excited for you!
If I were to have a purebreed, I would be very interested to check out Ragdolls or Birmans.
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I sent my kitties a baby blanket with my scent on it. They were across the country from where we lived and I didn't want them to be too tramatized when we picked them up. The breeder was happy to play with them with it. This way my scent was associated to fun!
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That's a great idea, Teresa, thanks!!!! I'll do that!
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