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Smokin' Aces (2006)

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Smokin' Aces

Last night we went out to a half price book store, and decided to raid their DVD collection. It's the best way to find out of print movies and B classics. Oh, and the movies are only $1.50 so it beats rental costs any day. We picked up Smokin' Aces because it looked like it was going to be a fun trashy movie. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed.

So, the plot to this film is so complex it's not really even worth it. It twists and turns for no apparent reason, and the ending is so convoluted that we were laughing. Stay with me, it's a bumpy one. Buddy Israel is a mob boss that is going to double cross everyone and testify in Federal Court. To prevent this from happening the other mob boss decides to put out a million dollar hit on him. Several well versed hit men apply, and start going after him.

That's the basic crux of the film, not so bad right? So when the hit men decide to go after him mayhem ensues. Lots of people are shot, one catches on fire (Although I'm still not quite sure how that happened), and a tiny women decides to fill a hotel with 50mm machine gun shells. This series of events goes on much longer than it should.

So, then we get the big old twist. Buddy Israel is really the son of the other mob boss! The other mob boss needs a heart transplant! That's why the hit was put out. Yes, TCSers, this movie went from a mob hit to a dark tale about organ transplantation. The joke apparently was on the audience.

Should you rent Smokin' Aces? Well, sure. It's a mindless action movie that has twists you can see from a mile away and a not-meant-to-be-funny-but-funny-anyway-ending. You decide.
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I watched that movie a while back, I dont remember it much (that should say something) but I do remember that I thought it was pretty awful and I didnt get the point of it at all.
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