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Feliway Forever?

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Two of my three cats are not the best of friends and I've used a Feliway diffuser constantly for a few years now which has worked well by taking the "edge" off and keeping things calm.
They're getting along much better now and I'm wondering if I can stop using the Feliway.

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Feliway is a pheromone based diffuser. If you stop using it, there is no more smell of the pheromones to the cats, thus, no reason for them to continue getting along...or at least getting along better. If you stop using it, I would try to find something else to use, that is pheromone based. If you don't want to go thru the trouble of trying to do that ( and I certainly wouldn't blame you if you don't), then I would continue using the Feliway. It would be worth it to me to keep the peace. Best of luck to you and your babies.

Peace ,
Rob and Sport
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I bought a Feliway when introducing my two cats a few weeks ago- I have no plans of using it for the rest of their lives, though!

I would let it run out and just see what happens. If they fight, then plug a new one back in.
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I would keep it up for a few more months then quit. By then a pattern of getting along will have developed. I took one away too early once and it was noticeable.
I keep my Feliway in every room in my house because I have so many cats. 6. A big dose of chill pill helps.
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