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A feeling of tranquility

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And the reason why is as follows.

As me and the wife left from a neighbours house last night about 11.45 we turned the corner and straight in front of us above the horizon were five dull orange lights. There was no movement, no flashing or pulsating light, or no noise. Obviously they were not stars, and the distance of them I could only guess at. The position of them was south/east. Three of the smaller lights/objects were roughly 45 degrees from lower right going to top left.
In the middle was the largest of them, and then one more small one to the top left of that. As I tried to hurry the wife down the hill to get my camera we watched as one by one the small lights just dissapeared as though being turned off by a dimmer switch. After all the small ones went out the largest stayed lit for about 10-15 seconds, and then that to faded.
I have taken a picture of the horizon this morning and just plotted roughly how they were positioned in the sky. I have only ever seen something similar to this but with one light/object, that was about 20 years ago.

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The most fascinating thing about sightings like this is how you find yourself feeling about it, isn't it? Even if it isn't what you think -- or hope -- it is, you learn something about yourself.

In 1996, I was driving about 9:30pm in an area of town a few miles west of here, and I saw the classic "cigar-shape" in vivid red moving eastward at a very low altitude. I thought, "What's that?"

And then I thought, "WHAT'S THAT?" and started chasing it, slipping through red lights and through parking lots, narrowly missing a couple of other cars in my rush. At one point, I thought about what traditionally happens to people who get close to one of these things, and I had a bit of a chill, but kept chasing...

And I finally got close enough to see that it was a small blimp with the words "Russell Stover" on the side. Still, it was an exciting ten minutes!

From your description, I think the lights you saw were probably flares... but that doesn't detract one bit from the "feeling of tranquility" you experienced in seeing them. What a wonderful, openhearted response to the possibility of alien contact!
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That would be pretty cool for sure!
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LOL I know what you mean, yes flares would have been a choice but like I said these were static for a couple of minutes whilst we watched them. Even if it were flares on chutes they would have at least dropped in altitued, and the fact that the three to the right kept a perfect angle rules them out I think.
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Wow!! Time to watch X-Files reruns
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Oooh! How eerie...wonder what they could be?
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