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what kind of cat??

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hi, I recently adopted a 1 yr old cat named Hazel...I know she is a tabby because she has stripes and the coloring. She also has the bullseye pattern on both her sides. Her colors are white, brown, black, and a bit of a grayish color. Her face is a very different shape than most cats I've seen which is why I figured I would post here. She has almost a flat look to her face with the cutest little chin. She has big round green eyes and big ears. She is a tiny little thing...maybe 7 pounds with a really long thin tail. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!!! It's always interesting getting a "domestic short hair" because you never know what they could be!! I have put some photos up too. thanks so much!!!!!!

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You are correct, Hazel is a domestic short hair mixed breed She is beautiful and I just love her green eyes
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Wow she is so pretty! I can definitely see the flat face in the 2nd photo. I read somewhere that the bullseye = "classic tabby"
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Gee, I am not an expert but would guess DSH. Just like my Alley but she is a Calico. Oddly, many people seem to believe that Calico is a breed of cat which I try to dismiss. Also, many people believe that a Himalayan is a breed of cat, which I try to dismiss. I have both cats and know that refers to the color of a cat, not a breed.
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She's a very pretty brown classic tabby and white. With her more rounded face, I suspect she may have a close purebred in the background. Most mixed cats are not extreme one way or the other if a purebred is not close. Her face kinda looks like there might be pb American or British SH, or possible Persian to give it a more rounded and shorter muzzle.

Be interesting to know what really is in her background
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thank you all so much, I know that she is a domestic short haired cat but I definitely see some unique features in her face...when I look at pictures of cats (DSH) I haven't been able to find one that has her face shape which is why I was wondering. If any of you have cats that look like her I would love to see them!!!! thanks so much again!!!
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Like GoldenKitty said, a british or persian is probably somewhere in the background, giving the amongst DSH rather unusual face structure.

Say british, they are shorthaired they too. But persians are quite common in the USA...
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Also, many people believe that a Himalayan is a breed of cat, which I try to dismiss. I have both cats and know that refers to the color of a cat, not a breed.
I think Himalyans are classed as a separate breed in certain places, my cat book has it as a separate breed to a Persian.
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Himalayan is a separate breed in some associations - most of them have reclassified them as a division of the Persian - in reality its a pointed colored Persian.

Just to make it more confusing - one association has "solid" color Himalayans as part of their Himalayan breed - because once a Persian has been crossed with the Himalayans, its considered a Himalayan.

Type wise - there is no difference - its the same standard.
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