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Every one can use a happy story now & again

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Well I've been meaning to tell this story here for a couple weeks now, I've just been super busy. I volenteer at the only no kill shelter in the county of Milwuakee (Wisconsin) so as you can imagine we get our fair share of sad stories, but a couple weeks ago something so happy happend it brought a tear to my eye. The shelter's name is Happy Endings & I think you'll agree the name is very fitting in this case. We had these two cats Molly & Annie, they were wonderful sweet loving cats, who loved attention, they had been with us between 6 - 9 months. As anyone who works in shelter knows because of their ages 5 1/2 & 7 1/2 they often got over looked by people who were coming in to adopt cats. Well one week we had someone lined up for them & I was happy because they really are the sweetest cats & they deserve to be in a loving home. Well when I came in the next week they were still there, I was so sad for them. However, later that day two women with two children came in. When they took an intrest in Molly & Annie I started to tell them that they had to go together, but they were wonderful cats. The younger of the two women looked at me & said "We know they were my Mom's cats" & pointed to the other woman. She then told me "My Mom had cancer & could no longer care for them, but she's better now." After some discussion between the two women & a phone call to a son the woman looked at me with tears in her eyes & said what do I have to do to get them back. I'm still new to the shelter & this had never happend before, so I got the director & they talked a little & the woman said she would go home to get her carrier & she would be back. Sure enough she came back for them & took them home that day.
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That's wonderful! I'm so happy for the mother who has not only a new lease on life, but her beloved animals back. How lucky she is that they were still there! On the other hand, maybe it wasn't just luck. God knows every sparrow that falls, so he knew she would need her babies back!

I know you were worried about the emotional strain of working at a shelter. It sounds as if it's going well. It must have been hard to see these two cats sitting there month after month, not suspecting that they'd go to the best possible home, their own home!
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I was so moved to read your story!!!!
I know exactly what you mean about cats being over-looked...
Sometimes its their old age, sometimes its their look or some sort of dissability. I usually get very attached to these exact cats, so its almost sad for me if they find a home!!! no, Im kidding. Its hard to let go of a beloved cat at the shelter, but its very hreat-warming to know they finally get to a loving home!

Keep up the good work!
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It is so gratifying to read a story like this. I urge both of you to post more! Of course, we need to know the other side of things too, but the happy endings are special and more rare in this forum.
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