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I need some advice

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I posted a couple months ago about a Siamese/torte cat that I took out of a small room with 2 huge dogs and a tiny 6 week old kitten.(not related) The small room was a holding area at our city kennal. She .had been there for atleast a few months. It was dirty and disgusting.
She has been with us atleast 2 months now and so has the kitten. The kitten adjusted fine and is healthy and growing. The siamese cat eats well,poop looks fine but her attitude is terrible. She picks fights with all the other cats. She beats the hell out of them.She will sit in the middle of the floor and anyone that walks by gets a swipe of her paw.I have scratches all over my legs. I thought she wanted to attention so I try to play and she hisses and lets out the meanest meows. I tried giving her special treats and just loving her one on one..nope hisses and gets mean.My husband and son also tried but she just wants to be left alone, by everyone. If anyone gets in her path watch out she goes on a rampage.
I do not give up on animals and I will not just put her out..she apparently has had a bad life with someone somewhere and i am trying to give her everyshot to have a loving home. I think she would do better in a home with only her as a pet..but no one wants a mean cat to begin with.
Right now she is on my back enclosed porch by herself. She seems content but I feel bad, I tried to go love her a little and talk to her. After a minute she was growling, swatting and hissing at me. BUT she will not bite hard..just grab to let u know leave me alone. I was told to get her spayed. I cannot even get close enough to see if she is spayed already. Much less get he into a carrier to the vet. What a fiasco that would be.
Last thing I want to do is put her in a shelter, she would be deemed unadoptable cuz of her attitude and then we all know what will happen. She is such a pretty lady..just regal...any suggestions on how to get her sweet, so i can find her a good home. I am desperate.
Here is some pics she is beautiful



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I think you really need to take her to the vet to get a vet's help. If she's not spayed, fixing her may go a long way to help her attitude. Also, since she's been so rough, I'd suggest trying medication to calm her down and ease her through this transition period. Try wrapping her up in a towel to get her into the carrier.

It's only been two months, and she's been dropped in a house that contains many other cats. That's a difficult situation to begin with.
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You can enlist some help to get her to a vet because it's important. You need a friend to hold open a carrier. Then you need to wear gloves when you quietly throw a big towel over her to wrap her long enough so that when you get her - rear end first - into the carrier, she doesn't scratch you. And close the door fast without getting her nose in it!
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I understand what ur saying, but I really thought the life she had in a little filty room with two 75 pound dogs, barking constantly was an even more stressful situation.
I am going to get her looked at and hopefully spayed...I think she was in heat one time..but it was only 1-2 days..usually they go longer and this was when she first got here.
Right now she seems content..I let her in the house to eat this morning and she wanted right back out on the enclosed porch. She likes sitting in the windows and watching the birds. I tried feliaway, the spray and the plug in..also I have calming stuff that is suppose to go in water..It helped this other cat I took in that almost died of starvation.
If she was sick she would not be eating. She gobbles food upand is a good weight. Her baby blues are clear and shiny. She looks very healthy!
I am gonna consult with my vet on Monday..thanks for your help and any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I have ahd a siamese before. If yours is not spayed...once you get her spayed, she will chill out A LOT. I Mean AAAA LLLOT!!!! Mine went from a wretched witch, to a lap-cat. I'm not saying that everyone will have this drastic of a change, but it significantly chills them out. BTW...I'm relatively new here, and I just wanted to let you know, that what you did for those animals was fantastic . Kennels like that really PISS me off. Like the city can't afford to pay to have it done right...BS!!! But thank you, and best of luck to you and your babies

Peace, Love and Tie Dye ,
Rob and Sport (A Kennel Kitty)
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She almost sounds like a feral though I know she is not. She has been through who knows what to get to that place. She sounds like she needs some quiet time. I can't imagine being constantly stimulated like that.
You have done good with her and you should be applauded for taking an interest in caring for her. It sounds like right now you are very frustrated. I would be too.
First the spaying will help chill her out. Then some cats need medication. Just like a person who has been through trauma some cats react to it as well.
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I have had several run-ins with the city animal warden for not doing his job. My son fills in for him when he takes time off and spends most the time cleaning up the mess. A normal person would puke the minute he kennal door is opened. The litter box was covered in green and white mold. My son cleans and disinfects everything and I usually take the cats/kittens..I took 6 of them one day..one was so close to death. I nursed them back to health..kept two and gave the rest to the local humane society..but I agreed to foster for them all last summer and winter ...I got 3 out of that deal. Just could not give them back. I fostered atleast 30..but I cannot do it anymore cuz My torrie has feline herpes and they did not think it was a good idea ..so there went my connection to get strays i find fixed and adopted out. I even took a dog out there that he was not taking care of. I think the warden is related to the mayor..otherwise he would be gone...its sickening. But back to the siamese..I am gonna call this lady that loves animals like i do..she helps run a spay/neuter clinic and will only charge me 25 to get her done. She will get a physical also. I have another issue today ..the 5-week old kitten that my brother-in law found on the freeway stopped eating. The vet gave him a once over and said he looked good..only mites...Now what. always something!!!
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