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advise needed---hyperthryoid cat

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i have a 16 year old cat that has had hyperthyroidism for the last 1 1/2 years. she is currently on 12.5 mg of tapazole/day (distributed throughout the day). i started getting concerned with each new blood test from the vet the dosage has increased to the 12.5 mg and now she needs 15mg/day. she is a 5.2 lb cat. we decided that the disease is getting out of control. i took her to the clinic that could admin the I 131 iodine treatment. after their blood tests, they tell me that she is at the high end of their allowable scale on the urine tests/blood tests for kidney disease. i guess after a certain point they do not like to admin the treatment. the vet is concerned that once the thyroid goes back to a normal level, her kidneys may shut down.

if we go ahead with the iodine treatment, i am worried that i am robbing Peter to pay Paul (so to speak). if her kidneys start to go south, then i have to add medication to increase the blood flow back into the kidneys (add thyroid back into her system).

currenty, she is eating well, drinking too much water, hair is matting, and putting out a fair amount of urine. i know the hyperthyroid can cause some of these symptons.

has anyone encountered this before? any advise? should i go ahead with the iodine treatment?
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Welcome to TCS!

Yours is a very difficult question. From my own experience with another chronic feline condition, I know that, were I faced with your situation, I would bring the question to the "specialists". There is a group of people online who have been managing their Hyper-T kitties for years and, I think, they could probably reply with the kind of perspective and experience that only someone "who has been there" can provide.

You will find that group here.

The perspective (on Hyper-T) from an expert in kidney disease can be found here

(I have sent you a Private Message with some other references which you may find helpful.)
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