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3 week old kittens

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we adopted a "feral" cat recently- I say feral with a laugh, because this is the most affectionate cat ever- I think she may have been abandoned- she loves people too much.
She turned out to be pregnant when we got her. She had the kittens 3 1/2 weeks ago. The kittens are mobile now, and when they were all out and about today, I decided to change the bedding that she has used (I did do this twice before- I don't know how correct this was, but I couldn't stand the thought of those kittens laying in dirtiness). I was looking at it, checking for fleas, etc, and noticed tiny little worms all over it .They are very small, and very energetic. We dewormed the mother when we first found her, but evidentally this must not have worked.

How do I get rid of worms in kittens this small?

Also, should I bring my 5 year old son to the pediatrician, to have him checked for worms?

I am totally grossed out by this.

I am aware that worms are "normal" for cats, but I now have three that I can't treat......

I feel uncomfortable living with them having worms with a small child in the house.
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Don't worry too much about your son unless he has been touching their bum bums and then putting his hand in his mouth. I had a cat that had worms that came out alive wiggling and so forth when I brought him home from the shelter. Neither my daughter nor I got worms.
I am pretty sure you can get the vet to deworm them now.
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You and your family should be fine. They are a little young for de-worming, but I have done it at that age. Just make sure that you have the vet do it. They are too young for the OTC stuff and that stuff rarely works or makes them sick. That way the vet can get the dosage correct. He might even be able to de worm mama if its safe enough for her nursing. Good luck with the new family.
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