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This is a picture of my first Siamese Cat I got. I think she is beautful.
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another one
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She is very pretty Sherral!!!
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Sherral..I just love her mask on her face! She's a sweetie, huh?
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She is the reason I now own 5 Siamese,she has been a real loving cat,never been sick,and before I got her,from my son,I hated cats!I never thought a cat was something to have in your house,we never had house cats when I as growing up.But I fell in love with her the minute I saw her.And she is now the Queen of the house!She is 7 years old now.And she knows it!And yes she gets away with a lot more than the other cats do!She get to sit on Ted's lap at dinner time,but she never put's her head on or near the table, intill he is done and tells her she can have a bite now!I do not know how I will get over her when she goes to the rainbow bridge,hopeful not for a long time!
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She is very pretty!
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Oh Sherral she is SO pretty! I've always wanted a siamese because I've heard such wonderful things about them. Arutha is part siamese, but he doesn't have any of the classic siamese characteristics. He's a doll though, very lovey.
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She is so cute.
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Cheyanne is one pretty little girl. No wonder you like kitties so much now!
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Cheyanne is beautiful! She reminds me of my Mimi!
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Thank you! Do you have a picture?
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Oh I just love Apple heads - she is just too pretty for words.
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Beautiful .
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She is soo beautiful!! someday I will get me siamese...I had one when I was a child, up till I was a teenager, and she just got real old and had to be put down....we called her Kitty...she was an indoor outdoor kitty and she had come home one night with half of her tail missing, and she was never the same since....she was still the most loving sweetest cat I ever knew though....
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