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Nattys "babies" at 6 weeks!

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Everyone got their 6 week vet check-up and shots today so everyone was being lazy!!

Natty and from top to bottom: Boots, Onyx, & Raven

Harrison & Indy

Natty, Boots, Onyx, & Raven!

Boots was wanting to see what the camera was

My favorite picture of Indy by far



Indy loves sticking his feet in Harrisons face

This is probably the only time they will all be in one picture
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So, did Indy become pointed or not? If not.....I'll take him!

They're all adorable.
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Well his tail is red but the ears/nose/legs really aren't that red.

And the vet said he's almost albino because his eyes are actually pink with a hint of blue. My camera flash just brings out the blue.
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Awww Bless! They are beautiful!!!!
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The wittle ones are so cute and looks like Natty is still being Mommy. Oh I want them all.
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Indy's eyes are exactly like Ophelia's. I don't know how to describe them....they're almost a white-ish blue. Like super light blue. Ophelia's eyes are much lighter in color than Twitch's.....who has pure blue eyes.
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Yeah they've all become sooooo precious!

We still have NO idea which ones we're adopting other than Indy. I like Harrison and Raven so it'll most likely be boys we get

Well Indy's eyes really aren't blue looking except in these pictures due to my camera flash. They look pink/ice blue. It's weird but reallyyy pretty.
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Boots is a charmer! She is so cute!!!!
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I am overwhelmed by cuteness!

It is so awesome to watch those babies growing up! Can I keep them, please?
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I'd love for them to be able to go home with some of the people on here!
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I would take Harrison if I could have another!!!!!

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I think Harrison will be my pick to keep. And my mom's is defiantly Indy
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