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Just in case...

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As you may have read, I just took in a stray. She's doing well, using litterbox, eating, being generally happy!

Unfortunately, she's pregnant. I can't take care of 2 cats and kittens, and this being kitten season, there will be too many kitties around looking for homes. So I'm getting her spayed in about a week (have to get the SPCA voucher - $67, what a deal, then the vet I got in touch with said they could probably make an appt for the next day).

Do cats know "Gee, I was pregnant, now I'm not."? Will she be sad or act strangely after it's done?
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hmmm I really don't know. I wouldn't think so. How far along is she estimated to be?

Good luck dear!
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The vet said less than 35 days because mineralization hadn't occured... she's very round already, even with her new tummy she only weighs 7 pounds.
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They don't typically miss them if they never smell or see them if this is indeed the first time she has been pregnant. I know how hard of a choice this is to make, but you are making the right one, the responsible one.

She may act off for about a day or two but that will be from her surgery and her body adjusting to not being pregnant.
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hm.I have never heard of having a cat spayed while they are pregnant....how would they do that?
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I had a cat that was spayed during early pregnancy. It didn't seem to affect her.
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