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What a day...

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I've been reading posts on several boards about people having bad days...when will the trend end?! Today was my turn.
Kinky went to the vet yesterday because he got a scratch or bite from one of his brothers, which swelled up and got super infected. I squeezed out a bunch of puss, then the vet squeezed out a bunch more.
Then last night I found a salamander in the basement, how it got there I have no idea!
Today I went in to town and two people pulled out right infront of me, one person pulled out while I was in the middle of a two way stop, with the stop on their side and not mine. How can you not see me if Im in the middle of an intersection!?!!
I bought a neat silverware set that was on sale, only to find once I got home that it is missing an entire place setting.
So I decide to go upstairs and cuddle the cats to cheer myself up. My mom (who lives with me) has left the upstairs hall door open, the back bedroom door open, the back bedrooms second door that goes to a little extra attached room open, the door from the attached room that does downstairs to the room between the kitchen and the garage door open, the door going into the garage open, and the door from the between the kitchen/garage room to the outside open. I know, you'd think one of these door would have been shut at some point. My boys are strictly indoor cats. They were indoor/outdoor before I moved but I lived on 40 acres with no neighbors or anything to hurt them. Enter the tingling of panic feeling. I head back upstairs to do a head count, Nermal and Munchkin arent there. Yep, I've reached panic stage now. After a thorough search of the rooms upstairs I find Nermal laying in the doorway to the garage, and Munchkin poking around in the garage. Thank God the didn't go outside because the screen door was open several inches.
Hopefully I'll start my good luck streak now, Kinky is on the mend so thats a good start!
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"Bad" things almost always occur in threes - didn't you know that? It's like Murphy's law or something..

One of the worst days I ever had was when I found out that an ex-b/f of mine was cheating on me (and had been the entire time ) and had also gotten the other girl pregnant. After I found this out, I left him to go home (I was spending the night with him at his brother's house b/c he was 'house-sitting' for his brother), and on the way home I hit a deer and smashed in the front end of my truck. If that wasn't bad enough, after I got back home I found out that my refrigerator petered out sometime during the night, and all the food was spoiled. It was definitely not a good day..

I'm glad that all your furbies are all right! Things could always be much worse!

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