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Poo head....literally.

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A couple of weeks ago (i've only just joined) the most hideous thing happened. my girls have got 2 trays to share between them; one really large open tray & one smaller covered one with a hole. there are usually never any problems, the open one for number 1s and the closed one for number 2s - very civilised. the girl's toilet breaks never usually overlap, which is wonderful....until this day. millie goes into the covered tray....number 2 indeed. then yoshi decides to join her....number 2 too, oh dear!! i watch with baited breath, expecting a squabble or something like. i see millie emerge looking unusually pleased with herself. a few seconds yoshi surfaces with the hugest number 2 i have ever seen millie produce casually laid across her head - from the back of her head to just above her eye!!! argh!!! just as i run to the kitchen to grab some towels & get back to the room, yoshi shakes her head and the poo splats onto the floor. suffice to say i cleaned both yoshi & the carpet after that. interestingly, i havent seen them even contemplate using the same toilet together since. lesson learned hard way!!!
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I don't envy you cleaning up but the sight must have been hilarious!
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Awwww...poor yoshi...
Hope she didn't need to groom her after you cleaned her, though...
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OMG!! I got got a visual of this and couldn't help but laugh Poor kitty!
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oh my god this made me laugh so hard I cried. My s/o was like what..what're you laughing at and I'm like I...Cant...tell..you...I...cant...breath *giggle giggle giggle* thank you for the laugh, I wouldn't have been able to clean it up because I'd have been laughing to hard lol
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ha the funniest thing was the look on yoshi's face..... bless her heart!
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Oh dear! At least it wasn't diarrhoea!! I was just wondering, how did you get your cats to go Number 1 in the open tray and Number 2 in the covered one? Was there some sort of training involved here?
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OMG !!! What a mental picture. Funny as anything, if your looking at it from our perspective. Sorry you had to clean it up though.

Peace, Love and Tie Dye ,
Rob and Sport
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