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Grandma's House!

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This week, among other things, my washer and dryer BOTH broke, so I spent an evening off at "grandma's house" (my mom) doing laundry, and had to bring my Kinnies!

Evie goes to Grandma's quite often, but this time I had a good camera!

To Grandma's house we go! (Yes, I was driving and I took the pic, but of course I waited until we got there and the car was stopped!)

Let me outta this thing!!

Evie LOVES grandma's house because it has a nice big bay window and she can see everything!

But what she likes to see the most is the bug!

"I got you little buggy!"

Whew, catching bugs is hard work.

Must end all fun, exciting days with some good lap cuddles!

Thanks grandma for a fun (and constructive!) evening!
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Awwww she looks so at ease in the car though
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First off, I love the pictures with your new camera! They are so clear... Good job!

Now, about that Evie-girl... She is just too cute. The one of her next to the book case with her little precious paw paw's all curled up like that is just adorable! And the cuddles with daddy is really precious.

What a sweatheart!
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What a beautiful cat!
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That is adorable. it looks like she has a wonderful time at Grandma's
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Awwww look at her little extra toesies, she's soooo cute
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How sweet is that last pic
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That first pic of her in the car cracked me up Shes just riding in the seat looking out the window

What a gorgeous queen she is.... I love her already.
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Thanks everyone! That's my baby.

She's so funny in the car. She goes a lot, so she's getting more used to it, but she still gets paranoid at times.

She did have a good time at Grandma's house! Funny how at home, she sleeps with me, but at Grandma's house, she sleeps in the window! That's my cuddly girl.
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Speaking of your washer and dryer, don't you just hate it when something like that quits, and you replace it or whatever, and then someone asks if you know anyone who wants a set because they're replacing theirs? We replaced our aging (but still working) set earlier this year and couldn't find anyone who wanted the old set! Ended up putting it in a friend's garage until they find someone who needs it.
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Evie truly is a stunningly beautiful kitty! Your are getting some great pictures with your camera, too. Looks like Evie had a lot of fun at Grandma's!
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