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I tryed to add another picture and I lost both! I want my flag back!!
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ok...make sure you have [ img] (with out the space though) in the front of the image and then have [/img] at the end of the image. You have to have both of those around both images. Try that and lets see what happens, ok?
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I lost the USA flag img.
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small =

medium =

large =
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Large one!
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Now how do I put it on my post? where it was before!
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copy and paste this code, but take out the * at the beginning. There should NOT be any * in the code whats so ever, ok?

Now go to User cp, edit profile and then paste that code minus the * on the signature part and it should work!
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Sherral..did you try that?
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Shell and Lhezzza Ted and I both tried to copy and past both of these it will not copy or paste.
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It looks like you are missing [ IMG] and [/ IMG] on the last image. (minus the spaces)
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close, but the first img thing is misspelled. try fixing that and we'll see. I also sent a PM to Heidi...maybe she can help us!
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also at the very end you need a bracket: ]
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Follow Shell's instructions and that should do it!

Change the IGM to IMG in the first set of brackets. Put a ] at the very end. It *should* work then!
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I have no clue, but good luck with it!
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I have no clue why it's not showing up in the first few posts, Sherral, but it is restored now.
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Thank you!
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