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Raw diet

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I am considering a raw diet for my two cats for thier diarhea, specifically Feline Pride. Does anyone feed raw and what are the experiences?
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I do not feed raw (canned no grains)but I work with people who have diabetoc cats. these people along with others whose cats have ibd kidney disease, allergies an other problems have all been very pleased with results
here are some sites on making raw
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Raw can work wonders.. if you can link the feline pride your looking at .. as like with all foods NOT all raw are = ...
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Feline Pride is a very good brand. All of my cats are practically on raw. My kittens are still on canned with a bit of raw. I have so much kitten food so I need to use some of it.
My Queen who just gave birth is on raw food and therefore her 3 week olds are on raw food. She had horrible diarrhea and the minute I changed her diet it stopped. Her very next stool was firm and her bottom is no longer red. My other three cats that have been here since they were kittens are all on raw food too.
One thing I didn't do was change up their brands and meats enough. So now I am doing it and it is harder once they get set in their ways. But they love it.
You would never even know I had litterboxes in my house because their waste doesn't smell and they use it less.
Just make sure you get quality products that use quality meats and balanced nutrients.
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Do you guys believe that raw food should be balanced and "complete" every meal or should balance be achieved over time?

I ask because I'm feeding two different brands to Mango. The first brand is supposed to be balanced, has supplements, etc., but uses bone meal instead of actual bones for calcium. I would prefer real grounded bones to be used rather than lamb bone meal for every flavor.

The second brand uses real bones AND the meat is supposed to be organic, BUT other than salmon oil, no other supplements are added. I asked the store personnel about this and she said that with this particular brand, a variety of different proteins need to be used.

Of course, I would feed different proteins regardless of the brand, BUT this latter brand I'm talking about doesn't contain egg yolk or B-complex or vitamin E, and so on. Is this safe? No vegetables are present, which I know can be a good thing since cats don't need it. But can cats REALLY derive all the nutrients they need just by eating different meat proteins without any supplementation?

(I'm concerned with this because it could be coincidental or maybe not, but my dog was also on this no-supplementation brand, but in the canine version of it, and two months after she was 100% on it, itching issues started and although her diet has since changed, the scratching hasn't stopped. It's been almost one year now. She's been to several vets, done lots of testing, and no one seems to be able to figure it out. The diet is the only thing that really changed during that period of time. Thinking back, I'm worried that she wasn't getting everything she needed nutritionally with just meat and their organs...just a speculation.)
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try to balence the day ... not the meal and overall balence is over 4-6 weeks per my vet

technically and in a ideal world ( ie wild) ... cat DO eat some veggies ... either off the "vine" or via prey stomach( the latter is easily mimiced via purreeing of raw or lightly cooked veggies )

general guide for a "complete" basic raw is

70 % meat
10% bone
15% organ
3-5 veggie matter or starch

I did multiple supplement s but I also had a CRF cat and a cushings dog eating ... a basic supplement is HIGHLY recommended by my vet
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Sharky, are you still feeding your cat(s) a raw diet? Do you/did you make it yourself or did you buy a pre-packaged diet?

What kind of "basic supplement" does your vet recommend?

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Originally Posted by KatGoddess View Post
Sharky, are you still feeding your cat(s) a raw diet? Do you/did you make it yourself or did you buy a pre-packaged diet?

What kind of "basic supplement" does your vet recommend?

I do some raw the cat in ?? died 14 months ago ... the dog eats some raw as does the new one... I did mostly Omas pride pre done

Now I get a mix from the local butchers ...

I use mostly standard process supplements
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Also, do you do a multi-vitamin supplement or specific ones and which ones? My dog gets B-complex, E, and C. I'm familiar with dog nutrition, but when it comes to cats, I'm next to clueless!
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basic multiple and then add specifics as needed
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Thank you.
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At she goes into depth about making cat food and what they need. I supplement my nursing Queen with bone meal because she needs the extra calcium.I was told by my vet the same thing as sharky. Those meat only ones are good for a couple of times a week as long as the full nutrition is there.
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It looks like the Feline Pride has all the stuff in it that is needed except veggies. I checked out the cat nutrition org. site and it looks the same. Are you saying they need more supplement and veggies or is it complete? It is very expensive but if it will help with the diarrhea that is the worst it has ever been it is worth the price.
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This is the site I used when I first started on raw food, they show pictures and stuff so it took away a lot of the worry for me.

and this recipe
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