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Introductions: Aggression vs. Play

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I have an 11mo neutered male, and last week, I rescued a 10 week-old semi-feral male kitten. They've recently been introduced, and things seemed to be going well. Lots of sniffing, staring, approaching-then-backing-away, batting/swatting, etc. They've been following each other all over the house, mostly just watching.

Today, though, my older cat started biting the little one. Usually on the back near the tail, and sometimes just on the back. They proceed to have wrestling-like behavior, with Lt. Pants sometimes taking the kitten to the ground, etc. It looks semi-aggressive, but the kitten doesn't seem to be too awfully bothered most of the time. He will sometimes run off to hide, occasionally hiss (that's the only hissing going on), and generally just fight back. He doesn't seem scared of Pants; he continues to approach him, etc. The sniffing, staring, etc. is also still going on.

Is this a normal part of establishing dominance? Or is it something I should try to put a stop to? I don't know if they need to be separated, or...? I don't allow them alone together without supervision yet. Any help would be appreciated!
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I think it's normal and they'll eventually get over it. I introduced my cat and kitten about 2 and a half weeks ago and they are good about 75% of the time and the rest of the time they wrestle.

My kitten is usually the aggressor and and pounces on the older one and bites her- but they are just playing because she never has one mark/scratch on her. She'll play until the kitten gets too out of control and then hisses at him and he stops.
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I agree with Sweet Kara. I am going through the same situation now. It looks rough sometimes but then they all calm down and sleep lol. I still put the smallest one in the spare room at night just in case.
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I must say that we are all in agreement here...I think?.. That sounds like normal kitty cat, getting to know you behavior. The one thing that I have learned, above and beyone all other things when it comes to cats is that if they are in TRUE distress...YOU WILL KNOW, and so might the whole neighborhood...LOL. If neither of them is FREAKING OUT on the other, then Pants and the little one will be just fine. I think that the little one actually might be trying to get Pants to play with him.
Best of luck to You, Pants and the little one.

Peace, Love and Tie Dye ,
Rob and Sport
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