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Need help guys!

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Ok, so the kittens are 2 1/2 weeks old.. and just the day before yesterday she moved 3 kittens into the back of my closet... from the front of it. (its a wrap around, but lots of stuff stored back there.. NOT SAFE) So we moved all kits back to the box... she stayed a whole day, satisfied. Now, yesterday we came in and Grace was GONE! I looked in the back.. NO Murphy OR Grace.... she moved the baby to under my daughters bed...with MARTIN one of the male cats. I then moved baby back. She immediately moved baby again, and then another. I didn't want to stress her, so I helped her, and now all babies and she are under my daughters bed. I am only concerned that they are NOT in a box, and she WILL not keep them in it! What do I do... I don't want to stress her out by FORCING her into the box, when she is still being a great mommy. She is nursing them, and everything! BUT... they are under a bed. Any suggestions?
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Yikes - this is what im afraid Buttons will do but I dont think she is smart enough lol

What if you contained her and kits in a dog crate or something where she has no place to move them to?
As you know I am no expert - lol - thats the only thing I can think of.... I know...not much help - sorry
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I really feel that if I make her stay in a dog crate, she will become stressed. I think honestly that she felt my room was too busy. She moved them to a less busy environment... I am really not too worried, as there is nothing in there to hurt them.... and she is still mothering. She nurses them, and then leaves them alone for a bit for what I can only assume is "her time". She really is a good girl, and it's not a super stressful situation. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen.

If she weren't nursing them... or wanted to stay away from them, Id cage her with them. But she is doing all she is supposed to. I guess she just feels they are safer under my daughters bed. So for now, daughter gets the couch, and her room is Kitten room! =o)
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Well makes sense and I think your right
If they are not in any danger where she moves them to....probably best to leave them where mom is comfortable and wont get stressed out.
Would work good in my house cause i cant seem to get my daughter to sleep in her room....she is always sleepin on the couch lol
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Lucia moves them from the bed into this little house I bought for them. But she is confined in a bathroom with them so she is going nowhere.
I would keep an eye on her and let her have the privacy she craves. The only thing is make sure there is nothing the kittens can grab hold of or swallow.
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When Negra (RIP) had her kitten I kept her in my dogs crate (large litter box can fit in there) and she felt safe. She still tryed to move Finn (only kitten) but after a while she got used to the idea that Finn was going to be safe inside the crate and not under my parents bed where she had him. Good luck with the kittens.
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You could try setting up the dog crate in you daughter's room. It may be the quietest room in the house, which she would want for the kittens. Cover the crate with a blanket, for more privacy.
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She and the kittens really need to be confined in ONE room or in a large dog cage for their own protection. It might seem cruel, but its for their own safety. I had a very large cage that mom and kittens were kept in till the kittens were about 3 months old. It was their "safety" place and they knew it and not once did mom move kittens or try to.
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