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Knox update

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Well I woke up this morning and dug through the litterbox and lo and behold..at least 6 inches of the neon string from the toy (I don't think there's much more) but it IS working it's way out and she's still playing and eating, etc..I can say one thing..there will be NO MORE string in our house!!!!
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Glad to hear that...I'm sure it's a huge relief for you.

Now, while you're at it, lock up all the thread (and needles, too).
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oh no! thank goodness it has worked its way out safely. i have to be really careful with milo and string too. some of these cat toys are really not suitable at all for them.
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Cleo swallowed a string and I took him to the vet and it showed up on his Xray. Then he pooped it out.
I actually saw a few surprising things in their poop when they were kittens. Mary doesn't put things in her mouth but my boys did and sometimes still do.

It is frustrating because you know you can't be there every second of everyday. I just try to clean up the floors like I did when my daughter was a baby.
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I'm actually 6 months pregnant so me and the husband were talking that it'd be a good time to "cat/kid" proof. Now every toy I have ever bought them makes me paranoid!! My husband laughs at me and said if I freak out this much over the cat he is curious to see what I'll do with the baby. But we love our kitties so much, I'd hate to see something happen to any of them, especially something we can prevent!
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