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Saturday!! What are your plans?

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Morning All!!!

Hot hazy and humid here again, they are calling for more thunderstorms this afternoon

Heading off to work shortly, it's a catch-up day, lots of odds and ends to get done.

Heading off to the farmer's market afterwards for some fresh veggie's and fruit. Am thinking Lemon Chicken with Boc Choy for dinner and maybe some fresh peaches for dessert

Other then that just a movie this evening and an early night. The damp weather really makes my hands and knees achy so some extra rest sounds good.

The kitties are great this morning, all indulging in various kitty pursuits..

Everyone have a great day
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Our town has their "fair" - started on Wednesday and runs thru tomorrow - so later we will head up to the park to see all the stuff.
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Well, John is still gone and I have no clue when he'll be back yet. So I'll probably just get some cleaning done and sit here at the computer and wait for him to get back.
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This morning I've got to head to the store to find some "nice pants" to wear to a baby shower (that I just so want to go to ). Then off to that baby shower with my mom for 3 hours ... after 1.5 hours of driving! Supposedly it's gonna take that long to go 38 miles!

Rob will probably mess with our sad, broken car for awhile while I'm gone. Or my brother's car.

Dont know what else is going on today.
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I'm not really sure what I'm doing today. I need to get packed for my trip to see my girlfriend/parents and I also need to start studying for two final exams that I have on thursday but so far today I've had a bad case of the lazies so I don't know how much I am going to get accomplished. I should also clean out the car before I drive it home, seeing my car destroyed annoys the crap out of my dad and I am sure he is going to check it when I get home. I might even run it though the carwash for the first time in...umm I don't think I can even count that high. I guess the first step would be to put pants on though and I don't see that happening any time soon.

Have a good day all
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I am going to the beach soon. I haven't been to the beach in years. My mom is staying at a cottage down there so we are going down to meet her for the day. I hope it doesn't storm though.
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Well, I'm HOPING we're going to see MAMA MIA! today, but haven't heard from my sister yet.
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I had a meeting-of-the-minds breakthrough with Butzie this morning. To make a long story short ,Butzie was eyeing my free-flying budgies with an idea to terrorize them (Nobody ever gets hurt - I ALWAYS - caps are okay here - watch them)
Butzie looked like she was going from window ledge 1 where she likes to sit to window ledge #3 where the birds like to sit on the up-down-bottom-up shades. Butzie starts stalking from 1 -3. I tell her, as always (the birds can fly and know exactly when and where to go) "Leave my birdies alone!" Butzie went back to sleep in front of Window 1!

All of this is probably stupid and confusing, but the bottom line is that today, for the first time, I told her not to go after the birdies and she listened!
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Afternoon everyone

I'm making some lunch at the moment. Later after lunch i'm going to watch tv for a little bit maybe and then after that change and get ready to go to the gym for a bit. On the way to the gym i'm going to stop by my sisters house and take care of her animals (They left to go to Pennsylvania for a week, so DH and I are taking care of their furry and not so furry animals!). DH has the early morning (he's a morning person) and late night (he works until around 11- so he swing by after work) shift and i've got the two middle shifts.

That's pretty much it for today. I might also work on DH's birthday present and try to figure out what we're going to do for our birthdays (the 29th)
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I was supposed to work an agency shift, but it got cancelled. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. Clean? Garden? Sit here and post on TCS all day?
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It's a hot, hazy and humid day here in Central Virginia, and vegetable gardneing is a priority. My tomatoes are ALL coming in at once and so once I get everything picked and washed, I am going to start canning. I found a new yummy-sounding recipe for homemade barbeque sauce so some of the tomatoes will be going into that. I also have a huge pot of vegetable-beef soup on the burner as we speak and that's a late lunch (along with grilled cheeses and a cucumber salad) - what's left will go into the freezer.

Later today, I have grocery shopping to do, a trip to Walmart to refill two scripts and fill two new ones. When I get home, there are two litter boxes to flip and clean and the vacuuming/dusting to be done. After that, I am sitting on my hiney watching the Nationwide race at Indy!!
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Well...........its my birthday so I'm doing whatever I want!!
So I started the day by paying this months bills!
Spoke with my twin sis then we went out for breakfast(ate too much) then to Woodcrafters-Neil got a gouge and I got a 7 oz hammer. We went to mall and I bought some dishes at Pottery barn, William Sonoma some plastic beer mugs and a grilling spatula then another gift store and got some "spa" lavender mittens/booties that one places in microwave first, then slather on some lotion, do the plastic bags over the appendages and then the mitts/booties. But its something to do when its cooler outside!! So now I'm having some Bday wine and relaxing until we go out for dinner.
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We were going to go to the Fair but we have so much to do before we move next week. We will try to go to the fair next Sat. Today we are going to Best Buy to get the Stove,Microwave,Washer,Dryer and Fridge. We also will go to Petsmart for Cat Litter and Juice it up for a Smoothie and Bed Bath and Beyond and maybe the Market.
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