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Today ...

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has just NOT been working in my favor

This morning I woke up at 4:52am, and couldn't fall back to sleep for the life of me. I don't normally get up til 5:30ish, so I just laid there while Rob peacefully slept! Then I get to work and realize I left my badge at home, which gets me in the building and whatnot. And I left my cellphone at home too, so I cant call anyone to let me in! Luckily after 5 minutes or so a girl I knew showed up and let me in.

Got frustrated with some of the stuff I was doing at work, as well as frustrated with the girl who I was training, because the first words out of her mouth were "I'm gonna learn everything I can so I can take your job!" (Um, WHAT? I dont think so!!) She got pretty 'tudey right before leaving, whatever.

Make my way to Rob's work to bring a late lunch, then notice our tire is slowly going flat again. I just filled it up 3 days ago, so it was losing about 3psi a day. Borrowed a pressure checker from the guys next door and filled it back up. Then Rob was getting frustrated with a van that worked fine, then wouldn't start. Got it to start, and the transmission fried itself. So now he has to build it again. The van has all sorts of wiring messups it seems. Lights randomly coming on, flashing, etc.

We finally leave to head to my parents' house. Got a late start, boo. We were looking to make it here by 9-9:30pm. We were about 50 miles away from their house (and about 170 away from ours) when our car stopped running. It said goodnight. A BIG goodnight. Our timing belt snapped in half. It's just under 212,000 miles ... so we've been procrastinating for 12,000 miles! We were just talking about it in the car on the way there too. Go figure!

$175 later we were at my parents' house. The tow guys were super-nice and had an awesome truck ... they really didn't need to stop I was cozy just cruising in the king cab of the truck! Apparently we got a great deal ... my brother drove into a ditch and they charged $150 to tow him out of it! (Their truck got stuck too lol). Now we'll just fix the car. It is time anyway, no biggie to us, not worried about. So the part that should have been the worst part of my day actually made it funny.

The best part of all was the two guys we saw at the gas station we walked to after the car broke ... one guy was listening to a rap/dance song, and was "poppin'" in the gas station while his partner was giving the cashier money, swaying along. Oh my Even the gas station attendants were cracking up when they walked out, and then the dance guy was outside at the pump doing crazy moves! It was almost worth the car breaking just to see that!!

Now we're stranded in NC technically. My dad said we can use his truck to get home if we want, but we're trying to see if my BIL will drive up here with the truck and tow dolly so we can bring the car back. If not, we might cough up the cash to rent a car too, but that's unlikely (seeing as it'll be ridiculously priced - we're under 25!) I wonder how the rest of the weekend will go ... I HATE baby showers and that's the reason I came up here ... since it's my cousin's, I feel sort of obligated to go instead of bail like all the other ones. And it's supposedly gonna take 1.5 hours to drive 38 miles tomorrow to get there ... AND I have to shop for "nice pants" to wear since I of course couldn't find mine.
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My partner and I live in Rhode Island. We just got back from the trip from hell. We were going to Georgia. We ended up getting stuck in Hardeeville, SC...We had these scary people in the room next to us that changed the tag on their jeep every day. The first day it was a New Jersy tag, the next day it was a Florida tag, the day after it was North Carolina...they never left the room until after dark **WITH THEIR 2 KIDS THAT WERE BETWEEN 5 AND 8 YEAERS OLD** tell me they weren't hiding from the cops...GOOD LORD!!!! People are messed up. Finally, after 6 days in Hardeeville and 19 hours in the car...we made our desination, and then home again (19 MORE hours in the car ).

Peace, Love and Tie Dye ,
Rob and Sport
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Yeah that does sound a little creepy!! We are lucky our car broke NOW instead of later ... we are going on a trip from Charleston, SC to Rockaway, NJ to Standish, ME next month! That really would have stunk if we got stuck along the way then!

Glad you guys made it home fine!
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what adventure!!..........you need a rest.......
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I have been stuck in Hardeeville, SC, 2 Saturdays in a row. My 1963 chevy broke down in the same place, returning from Savannah. There is a parts place there that will open for emergencies. Thankfully my husband can fix almost anything, so we did not have to stay there overnight. It is a creepy little place all the time.
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Geesh, I hope your luck starts to change soon!
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
I have been stuck in Hardeeville, SC, 2 Saturdays in a row. It is a creepy little place all the time.
I am glad that I am not the only one who feels that way about Hardeeville. In fact, what a small world, I think it's a riot that there is someone else out there that understands the creepyness of it...LOL

Peace ,
Rob and Sport
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I've always gotten a strange feeling riding through Hardeeville too

Rob and my dad are out there changing the timing belt on the car now. We're hoping to drive it home tomorrow instead of having to have someone come get us. I really DONT want to ride 3 hours with my in-laws. And I dont want to ride with them on their schedule. I come to NC to get the heck away from them!!!

Turns out the belt didn't snap ... a bunch of the "teeth" on the belt got sheared off and stopped turning the crankshaft causing the car to die. Doesn't look like there is any bent valves or damage to anything else. Maybe we won't procrastinate next time it's due for a belt change

The perks of having a mechanic for a dad, and a mechanic for a husband ... and knowing a thing or two yourself
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