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Hey Ma, you gonna get that?

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I have posted that I have one cat that is OCD about burring her poopies, and her sister, poop and go. Woke up this morning at 5am to a wonderful aroma (the box is in my bedroom) and the scoop IN THE BOX! I know it was Ginger that brought the scoop in, just wish I would have seen that before she hit me in the head to wake me up (again 5am) "Hey Mom it smells, this is the thing you use here, right? I have no thumbs I can't scoop! WAKE UP!"
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That is too funny!

My boy is a poop and scrape the carpet, look again at his uncovered poop and give a seriously disgusted look as he RUNS out of the box. He knows it's icky and it should be covered, but doesn't quite make the connection that scooping the litter would actually do that.
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When Tom was young he had a similar problem with not covering his poop. He would dig at the side of the box instead of the litter, hence why I keep the top of the box on(keeps the bag on the box and not in the poop). Since the top is always on he quickly learned that he needs to burry using the litter and not the side of the box. My parents cat is 15 and still hasn't learned to burry his poop...again he uses the side of the box. My parents got a topless box though so they have to bungycord the bag to the side of the box. The cat never did figure it out though...
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When we got Butzie from the shelter, we realized that we didn't have a litter box because RIP Brownie was always the outdoor cat that adopted us. What does engineer DH bring home from the pet store? One of the automated things. Butzie, the princess, took to it immediately. She does one funny thing, though. When she is done doing her business, she bats at the arm so that it will move faster to clean up after her.

Oh, and she doesn't wake me up to go poopsie. Everything else, yes.
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my millie misses the litter tray occasionally (i don't know how, it's huge) but instead of acting coy or at least slightly concerned, she nonchalantly peers at it, flicks her head and struts off, as if she knows full well i'm going to have to clean that up. sometimes i feel more like their servant than their mum, but i guess i am!
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My Cassie usually has impeccable toilet manners. However, when she gets ticked off at something, she's squat inside the box, aim her furry butt OUTSIDE the edge and go right outside the box on the floor
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