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making kittens friendly...

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I don't want to touch them until there eyes open, but will me just hanging around them and talking to them help to from a bond? My dh is a totally sucker when it comes to lovey dovey animals. And I know if they are all cuddle bunnies he will let them stay inside. So it's really important to me to try to figure out way to bond them to people... Any ideas?
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During the Second and Third Week the kittens should be able to see and will start to
be able to hear. They will start to wander and walk around but will be very off-balance. Don't worry though, they will get better very quickly. Follow the mother's wishes, but you will
probably be able to start handling the kittens. Don't try to overhandle them and if the mother ever gets angry with you for handling her babies too much stop immediately.

Around week 6 the kittens and mother will also begin the all important act of playing. Play is very important for proper socialization of the
kittens so let them play and explore! Just like a child the more the kittens play and explore the more they will grow mentally and intellectually! Also keep handling the kittens as much as
the mother allows. This will help them get used to their human counterpart.

During weeks Eight - Ten the kittens are still learning a lot from their mother and should
not be separated from the mother or litter quite yet since it is not good for the kitten, and as
the kitten has not been completely socialized yet. If they are seperated the new Kitty moms may encounter more behavioral problems with that kitten than if they stay with mom until 11 or 12 weeks of age.

Good Luck
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Snowwhites kittens will begin to open their at 2-8 days. Kittens that are held as newborns will open their eyes even sooner. At three weeks the kittens can hear a little bit, this is the time to start talking to and holding them, if Snowwhite does'nt allow you to now. Kittens who are held from day one will be more playful and will approach humans quickly. If Snowwhite will even let you rub their backs a little, go for it! You never know, maybe she won't freak out at you.

Mimi let's me take her babies out of the box, when their done eating, and pet them for 5 minutes each. She is so good about that! Snowwhite will feel threatened even if she just hears another cat. If one of my older cats meows at my door, Mimi will move the babies into a pile and curl around them, If I try to take one she'll meow at me. I little kittens, and mine won't go into new homes until their as docile as the rest of my cats!
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Sorry Helen! I posted just as you did!
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Val I can recommend a good book for you to get.

Amy Shojai's book Complete Kitten Care. I highly recommend it. It has everything you need and then some!

Complete Kitten Care
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thank guys!! I'm going to try to get that book hissy!
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Everyone else has pretty much summed up what I wanted to say. I hope momma cat will let you bond with the kittens. I normally have had problems with the kittens defending their mom and wouldn't let me near HER, lol quiet funny.

Good luck! I feel the first couple months of handling kittens is one of the most important times to raising them to develope how tolerant they are of well, everything. Even having your familure scent around before they can hear or see is a great thing.
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My aunt, a cat fancier from way back, says that if mom will let you, go ahead and handle them asap. They may not be able to see or hear, but they can feel and they can smell and those whos touch and scent are familiar to them they will bond to. Just be sure not to pick them up and handle them too much as it makes them very tired. A few times a day for a minute or less for each kitten will be fine. Same with puppies.

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