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My "wildcat" in a tree

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I took Church to the park today (in my bicycle basket) and he had some fun climbing on a tree. He reminds me of a wildcat for some reason in these photos. I don't know if it's just the setting or his spots and thick panther-like tail or all three.
I can't decide if his eyes should be called green or greenish-yellow...but they do match his collar material pretty well!

Here he is in the bicycle basket. He looks weird because he had just been playing chase like a maniac (with a stick I was waving for him) and so he was panting a little.

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Have you ever seen such a handsome wild beast?

It looks like you both had a great time! You're so lucky he is good enough to bring out like that!
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It looks like you guys had a wonderful outing! I love that he sits in the basket on your bike; I bet that is a sight to see riding by!!!
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How wonderful that he will ride around with you like that! It looks like he got to really enjoy himself.
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Wonderful pics! Church is beautiful!
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Lovely pictures, what a little character he looks.
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What a handsome boy. He seems to be having so much fun.
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I swear in one of those pics he appears to be smiling!!!
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He's such a handsome, fearless guy! I'd love to have a cat like that, I could bring him/her out to climb trees What happens if he refuses to come down from the tree?
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
I swear in one of those pics he appears to be smiling!!!
It's funny that you say that, because when I looked at the photos he reminded me of the Cheshire cat!

Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post
He's such a handsome, fearless guy! I'd love to have a cat like that, I could bring him/her out to climb trees What happens if he refuses to come down from the tree?
Yes he is very bold. I've been taking him outside since he was a kitten so he is very comfortable with it. I got a stroller when he and Roxy were kittens because I figured it would be easier to bring them to the vet and stuff with a stroller. Since I had the stroller I started taking them out for walks with it, and so they got used to all the noises and things outside. Unfortunately Church is so fascinated with the outdoors that I have to watch it when I open doors because he wants to go out! When I open the front door to go somewhere, Church will put his paws up on the screen door and look up at me like, "Can I come too?"
He just loves the bicycle basket I got. I think it's all the smells that waft by him, he really enjoys riding in it!

The funny thing about Church and trees is that if you bring him up to a tree or if you hold him and put his paws on a tree trunk, he won't try to climb it. Instead, he starts scratching and sharpening his claws like crazy!
The photos I took of him in the tree involved me putting him onto the tree limb. Once he was on it though he enjoyed walking around and exploring. This was a tree with low limbs, and the one he is sitting on in most of the photos is about chest-height to me so I had no trouble getting him back down. I let him climb onto a slightly higher limb but I just made sure he didn't go any higher than I could reach. I chose that tree because even if he climbed up high somehow, the tree was not very tall and the limbs were mostly horizontal so if I had to I could have climbed up and brought him back down.
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Wow! You've got a really special cat right there, wish I could share the fun
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Oh my gosh how cool is that that he will ride in your bike basket..... I love his little white feet awwww hes so handsome
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hahahah this makes me so happy!! everyone thinks I'm crazy for taking my cat out on my bike but he loves it!! What kind of basket do you have?! I like it better then the one I have...
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The basket I have is made by Guardian Gear, I bought it from Pet Edge... It's a bit small though, I wanted to buy the slightly larger basket they sold but they were sold out of them when I ordered.

Hey if you guys think he's handsome, I have seven kittens who resemble him and are looking for homes!
They are brown tabbies like him, some have white feet like he does and some have calico (torbie) markings. In fact they may actually be related to Church because their feral mother could be Church's mother as well (she looks like Church's mother did). I'm hoping to trap her and get her spayed.
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I love the pics, he looks like he is having so much fun,
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