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Is this right?

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So I went to the co-op in stocksbridge and got some hi life pouches and some more whiskas. The plan is to switch him from Whiskas onto hi life because whiskas sounds disgusting in the ingredients (and when you look at them both whiskas looks disgusting too).

So anyway the can of whiskas says it serves two meals while the pouches serve one. So what I did was put a quarter of a can of whiskas and half a pouch of hi life in his bowl. Is this right? To slowly wean him off of whiskas over the course of 12 days?

Well I started before I went to bed and he was making funny noises like he was going to cough it up. Did I put too much new food in? Am I doing it wrong?

I'm very new to having cats and only have my herbivours as a reference and that's how I transition them although they can just switch completly with no transition so they're not a very good reference.

Any tips?
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I do not know the ingrediants in the food you are switching too. I hope you are sticking with wet foods. My cat got diabetes from eating dry food and there are alot of other problems that may be related to dry
That said, cats are carnivores and have no use for grains. So the better foods have muscle meat as the first ingrediant an maybe some vegetables but no rice no corn no whesat ect.
Best to you
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Ummmm that's not what I asked...
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Does it happen all the time he eats it? Was it just the once? He could have just had a hairball. I don't see anything you did wrong. Just watch him for a while.
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well it was the first time I fed him the mix of the two foods. I've fed him again before I go to work but I can't watch him to see if he does it again. My sister thinks that maybe I put too much of the new food in.
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It's possible its the new food, maybe he eats too fast, that could do it also, one of mine does that, he eats too fast and the next thing you know its back up again. Unless it happens often, I don't think its the food. Just watch him when you can.
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ok thank you. I just wanted to know I was introducing it right ^_^

He did seem to gobble up the new food a lot faster than he usually eats his whiskas. I think it's because this one is 60% meat instead of min 4% animal derivatives. If he is eating it too fast what can I do?
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If he keeps eating fast, what I do is, use a small cookie sheet or some kind of a wide plate and separate his food on the plate as much as possible, that slows mine up a bit.
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Ahhh that's a good idea. Thank you. ^_^ Maybe after a while he'll be able to eat slowly and happily.
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Yes, it did with mine. Good luck.
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Thank you ^_^ You've been very helpful.
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Glad I could help.
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It's a sign that he likes the new, good, food alot better than the old, poor nutrional, food. He's a smart kitty!! He has a smart 'mom' to transition him onto the new food.

My older cat used to inhale her dry food....then sure enough...up it came a few hours later, or less! I put some other food with it and she doesn't do that anymore....then I further eliminated THAT dry food out of her diet and she eats mostly wet now....with minimal upchucks!!
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I can't take all the praise at changing him. I realised it was bad and asked for some help figuring out a food that was better for him. Someone here suggested hi life and when I took my rabbit into the vets (an hour away) we had an hour or so to kill before my sister rabbit was due in so we went looking for cat food in everywhere that sold it. I swear I don't know whether we got more daft looks from singing the meowix song or for discussing cat food ingrediants. >_<

He does have some dry food to go along with his wet food, but he does mainly get wet food and I think when I run out of dry stuff I will just stop buying it. I didnt know dry food was bad, but looking at the ingrediants now...I'm appalled.
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