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Cher's Farewell Concert

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Did anyone catch that last night! Wow it was awesome! A blast from the past as well as a glimpse of her future music. This was her farewell to television after 44 years of concerts and shows. The clips of her and Sonny brought back a lot of memories for this old girl, she is one of the true Diva's!
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I saw parts of it and she was wonderful - I have always loved her. Can't believe how great she looks.

Can't wait till her second Farewell Concert. They always have a couple don't they? Or maybe her Comeback Concert. :0)))
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I saw the show as well! I loved it. Actually, she's coming here May 22nd and I was so hoping to go and see it live, but it doesn't look like that will pan out, so I'm glad I got to at least see it on tv. I only hope I look that good when I'm her age. Heck, I don't even look that good now!

I think she's been doing this Farewell Concert for a while now - I saw a small story on Entertainment Tonight and she said they never said how long the tour would last - that she's been farewelling for a year or something now. I'll be sorry to see her go.
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I also love Cher.
I guess it's understandable when you've had a long career that you can't just quit it one night. I guess it's ncie that many of her fans get to see her once more.
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