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Hey all, what about a members CAT GALLERY?

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I was just sitting here due to being awakened by 2 hungrey kitties (they say Good Morning to all) and a thought occoured to me: What if Anne were to creates a CATS GALLERY that is our kitties counterpart to the member's galley? I mean, I know there is that thread, but I was just thinking how cool it would be just to go in and be able to see ALL the fur balls by scrolling down one screen (or more) full of kiity pics.

Just a thought I'd share. What do you think Anne?
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Whoa, it is a good idea, but most people post more than one pic of their cat(s) in the cat thread. How could we be forced to choose just one pic to stay in a permanent cat gallery ?
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This is true, but that thread could be for posting multiple pics, while a cat gallery could be just the singles.
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I posted about this in the catsite feedback forum. Anne said it would be too much work.
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(okay... so maybe i am 'creeping' into places i should not be?.. but?.. could not find one to 'post this'... and?..... the 'picture'.......... ahhhhhhhhh... (and.. i do so hope any will advise me, if i 'go where i should not'?.....)

night stalker

and without a sound
creeping through the night
in the shadow's darkness
not a hint of light

but with hunter's eyes
and with ears so true
slinks a stealthy creature
that watches you

not a movement noticed
as it stalks its prey
you are unaware
as it comes your way

the night seems quiet
in its innocence
but some reason holds you
in suspense

your senses sharpen
though you know not why
there is expectation
of something close by

just when you begin
to feel some fear
you realize exactly
what is here

when you hear the 'meow'
and a rumbling purr
you stretch your hand
and stroke the fur

no evil lurking
in the night
no devil waiting
to take flight

is just your four-legged
feline friend
his playful 'loving'
with no end

gata.. 05/19/01
copyright (c) 2001 wordsmythe expressions

(my apologies to TRUE 'night stalkers'.. but?.. if you sit out on deck, enjoying your 'solitude'.. and are 'owned' by 'felines'?.. you will 'feel' this!.. and know... is SO true!.............
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Gata, here's the thread for cat pictures:

And the one for mebers photos of themselves:

I loved the poem too!
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You know, you don't have to be administrator to create a cat gallery... If anyone wants to create "gallery" pictures for the kitties (i.e. same size for all pictures and not too large - I used 110*110 pixels for the humans), I'll be happy to upload them and then he/she can create a galery thread.

There's not a lot to it (well, except a lot of work... and a knowledge of some graphics software )

Please don't think I'm lazy - I just don't have the time and energy to keep up with a kitties gallery. I think it's going to be at least 5 times larger than the members gallery and I know I'll never get to update it.

Also, there are the cat pages - for those of you who haven't still made one for their cat... It is the largest cat gallery I know of on the internet and it's easier for me to keep because it's semi-automatic. There are nearly 600 cat pages there now!
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