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Meet Buddy

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I was in the neighborhood, of the Humane Society this morning and thought that I would stop in, to "take a look".

There is now a large, longhaired tuxedo kitty, exploring my computer room. His name is Buddy and he is nine months old. The little squeaky "mew" coming out of that large cat di it, for me.

We have had some initial hissing and growling but, that will end soon. He's a lovey lap cat, whose owner gave him up. She had 17 cats. Since he is already neutered, I got to bring him right home. He's declawed but, since my cats NEVER go outside, he'll be OK.

I can't wait until Bill gets home and sees what I've done! He won't sit still, long enough for a good picture. This is the best that I've gotten, so far.
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What a handsome boy! I love tuxedos (obviously!). And the squeaky voice-too cute! You should have named him Mike after Mike Tyson (big guy, teeny tiny voice).
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Just after my last post, he peeped out from behind the monitor and I got a good shot of his face. He has a black spot on his chin.
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He's so handsome!!!
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He is a beauty. I am constantly amazed at the amount of declawed kitties that wind up in a shelter.Owners think that by declawing- they are preventing problems, when in a large majority of the time, they just create more. I am glad he is with someone who understands cats!
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He's prowling the house, right now. Opie is ignoring Buddy and Rowdy is shadowing him, at a discreet distance. She, occasionally, hisses at him and he just gives her a look and continues his explorations.
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Oh he is just so handsome!! Bet he's happy to have a home!
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Ohhh - he is just the Cat's Meow!!! What a handsome boy!! More pics please!!!!
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He kinda looks like my fluffy!! He sure is a handsome boy!
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Beautiful kitty!!!!
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Wow! What a lucky kitty! He is really beautiful!!
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You're his angel, he must be so happy to join your family! He's gorgeous -- I love long hair kitties. I just don't understand how anybody could have given him up. And, sounds like your other babies will warmly accept him into the household.
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Buddy looks like a very handsome kitty. Such gorgeous long hair and a tuxedo to charm the girls, hee hee. I can't wait for Bill's reaction!
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He is soooooo beautiful!
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What a gorgeous little guy!!! I don't blame you for bringing him home Cindy, I would have too.
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Bill's home and Rowdy met him, at the door, with a long story. Buddy was under our bed. I got him out and walked out to the kitchen with him. Bill took one look and said, "Hi, Kittles."

Buddy nestled into Bill's arms and started purring. Rowdy's nose is seriously out of joint! As soon as Bill sat down, she was all over him. Rowdy has always been Daddy's girl and now it seems as if she is more so.
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congrats Cindy on the new addition!! he's a beauty! That's why i don't go to the shelter 'to look around'
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That's terrific! I'm glad he's adjusting well, and that he took to Bill as well. Congratulations on your new addition!
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Cindy, you are too sweet. What a cutie! I can see why you couldn't resist him.
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what a pretty cat!!
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Oh how cute! I can't go to the shelter because I just know I'll fall in love with a new kitty, (and we can't afford any more right now). I'm sure the other two will warm up to him soon!!
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Oh Cindy! I'm so happy for you! Bless your heart for saving Buddy from the Shelter! I just love the fact that Bill was happy about the new little guy..."hi Kittles" is something my Dad would say! Dad might act rough and tough, but he's a softy deep down.
Once again...I'm so happy for you and please post some more pictures! He looks like a doll!
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I really like the picture of him peeking out from behind the monitor. His little face is sooooo cute!!!!
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I'm so happy that he's adjusting!
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Awww, what a handsome guy. He looks very dignified. I'm glad he and Bill have bonded.

This is why I'm going in the administrative office of the SPCA and not where they keep the kitties, when I pick up Mocha's spay voucher.
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Buddy loves Bill and follows him around: bedroom, bathroom and just hanging out.

After my shower, I was in the bedroom putting on my PJs and Buddy wouldn't let me button the top. He was batting at my hands and head butting me, for scritches. At bedtime, he settled in on the headboard.

I'm back up (couldn't sleep) and all three cats are in here. Rowdy and Buddy are sparring on the floor and Opie's on a windowsill, observing the affray. We're still having some hissing and growling but Rowdy's just going to have to get used to Buddy.
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I must've missed this!!! SO much happens while I'm asleep . . .

Buddy is a real darling - I love fluffy cats, and I'm glad he seems to be settling into your household a treat AND that he's a hit with Bill.

My business partner Paul, has a black and white long-haired collie called Buddie - and I swear, although ones a cat and ones a dog, the is an uncanny similarity.
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We made it through Buddy's first night, without bloodshed. Buddy has staked out our headboard, for sleeping.

This morning, Rowdy has made some friendly overtures but Buddy is hissing at her. Oh well, they'll work it out.

Buddy is quite a talker. He wanders around the house, emitting these tiny squeaks. For such a large cat, he has such a tiny voice.

I have to buy a brush, though. I don't have one, for long hair.
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Buddy is our new bathroom monitor. When I took this, Rowdy was on the floor, trying to get him to play.
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He is adorable. He reminds me of Excalibur, but dark instead of orange. Looks like he is going to be a little love bug!
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