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Why isn't he drinking

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I've been worried about Tom for a few days now. I started noticing about 2 weeks ago that he only drinks about 1/4 of the water I give him and I'm starting to worry about him. He isn't acting any differently but he just won't drink but his appetite is fine, actually he seems more hungry than normal but I think thats because he might be confusing hunger with thrust(we do the same thing). I tried giving him milk today to so he is at least getting some fluids and I have yet to see him drink any but he stayed at his food dish for about 10 minutes today crunching away. Its been somewhat hot this week and last week it was Brutal so I am starting to worry about dehydration.
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Does he get any wet food? If so, try mixing some water into his wet food..he will obtain fluids from that. If he is on dry food only...then you'll have to think of a way to hydrate him. Milk isn't good for him.

Cats don't think to drink water..it's not instinctive to them. Cats are better able to use the fluids that they do drink far better than dogs or humans, but they still need to get it into them.

If it is still hot, weather wise, then I would start giving him wet food mixed with a bit of water. He can get dehydrated and it's then an emergency to get him hydrated again. Better to start before it's a problem....just like us humans!

Also, try dropping water onto his paws..or on his face near his mouth...he'll lick it off...and bingo...some water is getting into him..
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I have two Drinkwell cat fountains in my house that seems to encourage sonme of the cats to drink a little more than they normally would

You might consider getting a fountain for Tom. He may like it.

In the meeantime, the suggestionsw maxiecat03 gave you are a very good thing to do.

Sending vibes for you and Tom.
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I second mixing a bit of wet food in with water-use a smaller,different dish. My cats seems to really like it. I don't think the type of wet food really makes a difference you can use one of the fish flavored ones. Make sure though if he doesn't drink all this say within 8-12 hours dump it out, clean dish and refresh.
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I'd say if it continues, get a vet visit.

Otherwise, things I"ve had success with are mixing water with tunafish juice and putting wet bood into the blender and blending it into a fine puree with half water in it.

Any possibility he might be drinking from a dripping faucet or the toilet?
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some told me lately that if you move your cats water dish away from their food they will drink more since if it's right beside the food they associate drinking water and eating food and if they arn't hungry they don't drink so maybe try that otherwise try what everyone else is saying
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