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stomach problem

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Hi I am new to this site and thought someone could help me out. My cat Smokey has been having some problem keeping his food down. He would eat like he is hungry but not quickly taking his time. Than 2 or 3 minutes after eating he getting sick. Is this a food allergy or something worse? Has anybody else had this problem with their cat? I have change brand of food to make sure not to get ones that have food dye or milk product in it.

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It could be a food allergy, or it could be that he is eating too quickly. Does he always throw up the food, or just sometimes? To rule out eating to quickly. Feed him several small meals and/or spread the food out (like on a tray or a cookie sheet) so that he has to eat more slowly.
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I have a cat who does this, especially if it's been awhile since she's eaten (first thing in the morning, after work). I tried all the things like spreading out the food on a plate, but that totally freaked her out and she wouldn't eat at all! I put marbles in the bowl, but she would pick them out and leave them on the floor. (My other cat would then play with them!)

First thing I did was go to the pet store and looked in the small animal section (for hamsters/gerbils) for a smaller food bowl but still wide enough that it wouldn't bother her whiskers. Then, first thing in the morning when it's feeding time, I put down a few morsels for her, no more than 7 or 8. I wait about 10 mins, then put down the same amount again. I wait another 15 mins or so and put down a very small serving that mostly covers the bottom of the bowl, but is still pretty skimpy. Just before I leave for work, I put down a nice size serving for her and she's good for the rest of the day as long as she gets fed periodically. We also do this if we've been gone for a significant portion of the day.

Right now, DH's home on disability so he's able to feed her throughout the day. She gets no more than 1/2 C of food daily and we can't leave her bowl down during the day or my other kitty will eat it all. We make sure to pick her bowl up during meals. We found that waiting, no matter how much she begs and complains, really cuts down on the number of times she regurgitates. We can now go for weeks without an episode.

The only other time we have the regurgitation issue is if she hasn't been pooping enough. (She's an older kitty and has some inactive colon issues.)

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Thanks for your information I will give this a try.
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