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I panicked today!

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I went to the store, was gone only 15 minutes, and when I came back, my kitchen and dining room floor were covered with blood. I freaked out, ran for a head count, and all were present and accounted for. Upon closer inspection, I found that fluffy had pulled down a package of cube steak I was thawing in the sink, and bit a hole in the bag. Not that I would ever do it, but for a fleeting moment I wanted to beat her with a big stick!
She had already pulled it down when it was still frozen, but it had thawed and she made a huge, scary mess. She is so bad! She had to let 6 inches of water out of the sink to get the bag, so she was soaked, too. She couldn't even wipe the guilty look off her face.
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Oh good night!!! I bet that DID scare you to death!! Fluffy....were you trying to help meowmy with dinner???
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.... Aww bless. She wanted to make dinner for you.
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Oh dear! What a resourceful kitty
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Yes, she was going to have dinner already for you when you got home. It just didn't work out very well....
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aw fluffy why did't you just ask?
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When Fluffy gets the pan out of the cupboard, I'd start to worry. Better set the table for two, then.
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Oh Fluffy! You scared your Meowmy half to death
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I bet that would have been funny if you had a security camera... watching that footage. LOL
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Fluffy you little stinker!
If you want to learn to cook, please wait until Mommy is at home to teach you.
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Cats don't ask. Cats TAKE.

The feline nature is predatory carnivore (or carnivorous predator), whichever. You can't just put out that much MEAT in front of an obligate carnivore and not expect nature to take its course.
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Fluffy...The "Rachael Ray" of the Feline World. Will she be going on a media tour, or does she need to stay local so she can perfect herr technique before the beginning of the next season?

Peace ,
Rob and Sport
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I know I should not have left it out, but I was going to the store and I forgot and left it out. I won't be making that mistake again. She will do that any time I leave anything out and be totally unrepentant. She ate half or a ribeye once.
She just looks at me like I did something to her. She is such a brat. Good thing she's cute and a little lovebug.
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