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My babies are being adopted!!!

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I've got 2 litters of kittens I am looking after and finding homes for. 3 kittens went tonight to 3 separate homes, and a couple looked at them and paid for 2 kittens, but they won't take them until next week once the female is spayed (the boy got neutered yesterday).

The two that went from the younger litter were my favourites who DH and I have grown rather attached to.

5 more kittens to find homes...
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So soon!? I hope their forever homes are wonderful!

I don't know how you do it. There is no way I'd be able to give them back because I get so attached to animals. I can't even go to the humane society or a pet store to look at animals. I cry everytime because I have to leave them there
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Awww, I know how hard that is!
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it's so crazy in my spare room, I hope they go soon!!!!
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for a good settle of the kittys in their new homes....
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I can't even volunteer at the shelter anymore for the same reason -- my heart just can't handle it. Thank goodness there are stronger people like you to take care of these little ones!
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I went to the pet store today and the same kitty that was there 3 weeks ago was still in his little cell... I tried to find a home for him but no one would take him, and he's all white with grey splotches on him, so cute!

It seems like the time comes for kittens to be rehomed all too soon doesn't it? Well good job at finding them their furever homes!
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Aw Sarah, i understand completly. I've gone through several hundred of my foster kittens getting adopted. It never really gets any easier- but you do get more at peace with it most of the time when you see them go to an awesome forever home. If you kept all of them, you wouldn't be able to help any more needy kittens that come your way -and i just think of how many little ones will need you down the road!! There's always a sweet face in need of a good foster home! You do wonderful work hon - and you definitely saved those little ones lives! What better joy than to see them go to a great new home? It'll be ok!!

(I do on occassion get super attached though- there's 4 that come to mind on a regular basis that i regret not keeping. I think about them almost daily: Bosco & Berkly -one seal point siamese and one himi. both i had as tiny kittens - they found awesome homes -but i was SOOO attached to them, it was hard to let them go. Jezabel, my 3 legged kitten - i miss her SOOOOOO much. I regret not keeping her! and Persia....the rescued 4lb persian that took me 8 hours to shave all the mats off of and clean up- the horrid shelter i used to work for put her down without telling me! - they knew i was in the process of adopting her too!) I was furious. / So yeah, there are definitely ones that grow on you that you will miss- but it will be ok. Most of the time they go on to wonderful forever homes- and it sounds like you've done a great job of screening them too
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Congratulations Sarah!
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2 more kitties are on hold - they're going to a home together - yayyyy!!!

And someone just emailed today about the Siamese mixes. Woohoo!

I'm away this weekend, but DH sounds like he's doing an awesome job socialising the scaredy kittens
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That is great news. And we know that your DH is wonderful with kitties. I remember your stories about him and Smudge (who I believe was supposed to be a foster)
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
That is great news. And we know that your DH is wonderful with kitties. I remember your stories about him and Smudge (who I believe was supposed to be a foster)
hehe, you mean like this?
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Furever homes are the goal but it is still tough to see them go I am sure.
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I was talking to him about how they were going - I wasn't sure how much time he would spend with them (mainly due to lack of time).

He's been changing them between rooms regularly (we have had 2 kittens in our bedroom, 2 in the bathroom, and 3 in the spare bedroom), playing with them, spending a heap of time socialising the scared ones (and they've REALLY responded to him!), vacuumed the spare room, tended to all their needs, and been doing an awesome job!

He's so good
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You are super-awesome! Those kittens couldn't have a better foster home than with you and your husband!
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