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People with new relationships. Read on

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How well do you know your significant other? Ever wanted to find out?

I spent a few HOURS there finding some interesting info. I actually found some unknown criminal history on two of the managers that work for me. Well one works for me now, and the other did at the last contract I had.

I didn't do the pay part to look it up further, and I'm not going to bring it up, because they satisfied the request of the client and didn't fail background checks.

But I wonder how many people are with others that have records they don't know about
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post

But I wonder how many people are with others that have records they don't know about
I looked up my ex who I am positive has a criminal background and I didn't find him
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Whew, I have no criminal record
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I looked up my ex, and he didn't have one either, and I know he has several assault and battery and domestic violence offenses.
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Well, I am in a new relationship, but with someone I've known for 15 years.
No criminal check needed on him, he holds military security clearance and is contracted to the government.

LOL I did just look up my ex-husband, who I know is a criminal, seems he could never stay out of trouble and is now serving a life sentence under the Three Strikes law.
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Wow! I am bookmarking that site. I wish I didn't have to go to work.

I found two ex boyfriends one with a violent charge (no suprise there) and the other with a whole lotta traffic violations.

I looked myself up and nothing was there.

I looked up my current boyfriend and he is a good boy.
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I used to look up anyone that I was dating on our local courthouse websites lots of interesting info there
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This is most interesting. I looked up my older brothers who had some minor things when they were younger, the naughty boys. lol So funny to see that! I even looked up my parents and myself, though I knew there would be nothing. I just can't believe that's so available on the Net!
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I looked up DH and myself. Nothing shows up for either of us (even though DH had a DUI about 25 years ago ). If I look up my maiden name, though, I find that there are about 50 people out their with that name and some pretty nasty records.
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I looked up the husband but I already knew he had a few past offenses (nothing to bad).

My ex (I have a child with) has a whole big list. No surprise there. He has everything from prowling, to DUI, to resisting arrest, to drug charges.
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I tried that website, but it's not comming up with anything I know he's been charged with multiple things! I don't know his middle name though....maybe I need that?
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The middle name helps, does a birth date.

Also, keep in mind this is not the NCIC, but a record of convictions. The former would show charges, whether or not they were followed by a conviction.

My half brother (different last name) does not come up, although I know he spent 30 days in jail one time, although I think it was done by a judge who was acquainted with him and wanted to scare him, without scarring him.

His SON, however, came up, and that was interesting.

He has a common name, so you have to know a middle name, and even on that one, there are two listings, neither of which has his birthday.

I have a very uncommon name, so it would be a lot surer, if you found it.
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Are you sure about that mrblanche? i know there's at least one of those sites that also shows wants and warrants. maybe they all do if you pay?

Aren't warrants public record too?
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I'm pretty sure about the linked site. Don't know about others, but you probably have to pay to get the info.

In addition, there is a site that will point out convicts living in your area.
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Its not totally 100% correct. We have people in our family we KNOW have a criminal history, and some of them are not in that database. Its a good start, but I would not rely on it totally
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I looked up my self and my boy friend there was nothing for either of us, but there was someone with the same name as my boyfriend who had a bunch of DUIs lol
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I dont even exist on the peoplefinder site that links itself on the right hand side. It was trippy seeing my parents listed and "possible relatives" all being related.

Didn't find anyone on the criminal record site that I know. Hubby wasnt even on the peoplefinder list either, but his parents were.
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Wow, well I am not American so I am not in there, but neither is my husband and he IS American. I guess that means our marriage can continue as it always has with its basis of trust and love [/hint of sarcasm]
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whew! I'm not on there, nor my hubby or son. My dad's name came up a lot, but wrong DOB.

Although I did get in trouble for a barking dog last year. I think I've gone past my probation, though, LOL!
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Well, I'm not so sure that one is very good. I looked up 3 different people that I know for a fact are in prison and have been in alot of trouble and didn't find a thing on any of them.
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