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Buttons babies are almost 2 weeks

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Hi all. Just wanted to share these cuties. They are both bright eyed and the little tabby is actually trying to walk around ...sooo cute watching them get all wobbly.

Mom's still doing a great job considering the scare she gave me. I am having such a great time watching these little fluffies grow.

I THINK that the little tabby is a male and the white one is a female - I THINK lol....

The white one is no longer pure white, she has grey on her ears and her tail undercoat looks almost black...It'll be interesting to see how much her color changes. She is also almost twice the size of her brother but he is easy to take a picture of cause he is so much more mobile and she is a little lazy

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Aw bless. She will probably grow up to look like my Coriander.
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The white one looks like she will be a colorpoint - maybe a lynx... lilac or blue.
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Yeah I dunno nothin about the different breeds of cats but we are still a little confused about how mom and dad produced this white kitten! lol
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Katch, they are glowing full of health!! They are so sweet, and I know how they are at that age too...just went through it LOL. I started KMR in a dish yesterday...was good for a few, others weren't interested....tonight it was soft food...MiniB decided she loved it..the others did not show one bit of interest. I am going to wait a few more days now till I try again. I don't want to rush the issue.

You're getting the fun next LOL. We take ours out of the closet to play and walk around and they love that. I hope you're having fun with your babies...I know I am

BTW, does your tabby have spots in its tummy? All 3 of mine do and for some reason, I don't remember tabbies having spots on their tummies.
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Soft food already I can try and start that in a few weeks then? I still worry that they are not getting enough from mom..but im a worry wart lol

The tabby sure does have spots on his tummy. He actually has spots and streaks in weird patterns...almost looks like a cheetah/leopard/tiger lol
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The bottom picture is soooooo precious. I have never had human children. And I can understand fully the people that tell me they want their children to grow up but NOT grow up. I can see this in this picture. DAMN! Why do they have to grow up? DW and I never had children together but we can have kittens together!!! Yes, that is true. And perhaps one of those head shrinkers would tell us we are looking for something that we could not have together, but we can still both experience the glory of raising a kitten! Your kitten picture reminds me of this and I am now in a quest to find an Ocicat Kitten for my dear* DW by August 30.

*It is kind of like people saying PIN number. NO such thing. The N in PIN already stands for number just as when people say ATM machine the M already stands for machine,.
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Katch, starting the kittens on soft food is usually started 3.5 to 4 weeks of age. I just tried it because I too, am a worry wart that they're not getting enough milk from mom. Now, your babies are definitely getting enough as they are nice n plump and there are only 8 little dumplings are little piglets and nurse as often as they can. Now having said that, Lily is going to cut them off at some point soon because their teeth are starting to come through and will soon be hurting each and every nipple she has.

I get to go up there right away to play with them. They are so fun, I am having a blast with them.
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Oh wow, she does look like she is going to be colorpoint.

What a doll! They are so cute! You need to take a picture of his spotted belly.
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How cute are those little babies!!!!!!!!!!??????????? I just love love love little tiny kitten ears
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They are adorable. The little white one yawning and it's little tongue
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Thanks everyone for the comments. These 2 have completely stolen my heart!

Skewch- I can only imagine how much you worry with 8 of them!! I am so happy that there are only 2 here cause Buttons is not the greatest mom...still feeds them when she wants to and gets distracted easily and jumps out and takes off. But because they are not crying and they are plump Im pretty sure they are getting enough....but I dont know how you do it with 8 being a worry wart!! lol

I am gonna have to read up on the different breeds of cats and more info on colorpoint. I dont know anything about them....LOVE cats, but am not educated on genetics and breeds. I got mom and dad from a farm who had to many barn cats and they were gonna start "getting rid" of some of them so I picked 2 but I still have no idea how the 2 I picked produced her.
Oh and Daddy is now neutered so we wont have any more kittens anytime soon. He is also kept away from Buttons for thoes "oopsies" after. I will also be taking Buttons and babies to be "fixed" once I can as I am keeping them both.

I will take a picture of his little belly later on today..should be pretty easy, he loves to sleep on his back and get a belly rub
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WOW, they are just toooooooo cute!!!
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Here is a couple of belly pictures. They are not the greatest cause he just wanted to squirm around but I think you'll get the idea...

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Oh they are too precious.
It will be cool to follow their progress. Weekly updates please.

Buttons just has ADD is all.
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omg they are SOOO sweet
Mine are 4 weeks now....and it seems like they were just born like a week ago! Theyre growin up so fast!!! lol
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Very cute kittens! I seen the pic of mom and dad and no wonder! Just adorable!!

As for your white kitten - she's not really white - like someone else said she's a colorpoint.

Genetics isnt really that hard when you break it down in pieces. The white gene is a dominant gene, so if your boy were really white, at least one of his parents would have to be white.

The colorpoint of your girl is actually a pattern, not color.

There are few main colors to know: black, brown, red (orange) and white.

Anything else is a variation of those colors. Gray is a diluted version of black, cream diluted of red. Then there are the combos like the female torties and calicos or bicolors (ex: black and whites).

Your Tabby Daddy is actually a black cat with the tabby gene that gives him his stripping.

The colorpoint pattern is actually a recessive gene. Two colorpoints can ONLY produce colorpoints, but two noncolorpoints can produce a colorpoint only if both are carriers. Because of this, in order for the pattern to show, BOTH parents would have to be at_least carriers of the gene. So now you know that they are carriers.

I hope I didnt confuse you. Really, once you break it down and get a basic understanding it isnt that hard. But that is how your non-colorpointed parents produced the "siamese-looking" cat.

BTW - are mom and dad both long(er)-haired???
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Thanks so much Marianjela for breaking it down for me. Makes sense and nope you didnt confuse me too much Very interesting to find out that both my cats are carriers of the colorpoint gene. I would have never figured that out on my own based on the colors of them.

Yes, Both mom and dad have long hair so I am correct to assume that at least both kittens will have long hair as well??

Both the kittens are gorgeous but I'm very very curious to see how the colorpoint kitten looks as she grows.

I googled images of colorpoint kittens just to get an idea and they are gorgeous....expecially the Lilac Lynx Point Himalayan - beautiful!! I'd love to get me one of thoes - haha
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Yep, you are correct, just like two colorpoints can only produce colorpoints, the same is true for the long-haired gene as it too is recessive.

I imagine your longhaired colorpoint is going to be a beauty as she grows! Look forward to watching both your kitties!
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Okay....given that you all see pictures and given that my sexing is correct I think I need some names help...My kids seem to like Nemo & Dori but I'm just not sure....
I dont think it suits them much but im at a loss...
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Okay I think we decided on names and they are Tiger & Lily
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Cute names for adorable kits.
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Originally Posted by skewch View Post
BTW, does your tabby have spots in its tummy? All 3 of mine do and for some reason, I don't remember tabbies having spots on their tummies.
spots are normal... Cable & Firefox [my tabbies] both have spots on their bellies...
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