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Sunburned in the world!?!

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Well it was that time of the year for the summer camp kids to visit the local water park. My boss made it very clear that all camp counselors and assistants were to be in the water with the children AT ALL TIMES and/or walking around the outside of the kiddie pools. Since I have the younger kids it was mostly 3 feet water and a little slide. Now I know my skin and the dangers of the sun especially being in Az where it was 111 today. I brought my sunscreen with me everywhere and re-applied often about every hour or so. Well along with pretty much everything being sunburned my scalp suffered the same fate. Dunno how this happens considering how good I was being. Do any of you have any good tips for dealing with the burn on my scalp? I heard vinegar works but don't know if it's true.
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I have fine hair and always get a suburnt scalp if I go out in the sun. The simplest solution to prevent it is maybe not always obvious if you're in the water - but even so wear a hat, or a swimming cap -yes it's sweaty but sweat washes off, skin cancer doesn't

Dealing with it - just rub aftersun onto your scalp, yes it will make your hair greasy but it's not going to do any damage. Wash your hair gently. Yes it will peel and look like you have horrendous dandruff Prevention is better than cure as they say. You have my sympathy
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I have a clear Aloe gel that is for sunburn. Its cold and works well.
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Vinegar does take the sting away, but it is drying. (also hurts like a at first) I would go with an aloe based lotion, better for the skin. If you have an aloe plant, even better, put one of the "leaves" in the fridge then apply after it gets nice and cold, works great, though smells a bit onion like, but that goes away.
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I don't know about a treatment for sunburned scalp. But hats are very important to wear when outside.
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Clear aloe... The green stuff with the painkillers in it will dry out your hair and make it crunchy.

Clear aloe is also a good conditioner!

Cold showers help me with a burnt scalp, but the worst part is when it starts peeling... Ewww.... I look like a icky dandruffy mess.
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I know the damage is done now, but I always apply sunscreen with a Q tip to the part in my hair since that is the most exposed. My hair is thick and dark so the rest of my scalp is usually ok. But, you can also look up on the internet sunscreen for your hair. They are out there.
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Lavender takes the burn out! Try a lotion like one of those Johnson's baby lotions made with lavender- i'd put aloe on the scalp several times a day and lavender lotion in between. It will help a lot! Also put your shampoo in the fridge before you use it- it'll be more soothing that way Next time reapply your sunscreen multiple times each day even on your scalp! (Also don't part your hair if you put it up, or at least wear a hat)
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I went to a 9 hour outdoor concert in May, it was really sunny and about 85* ... I ended up with a sunburned scalp 1 hour into the concert! (And nearly blacked out from dehydration....stupid me had a beer first instead of water and food).

It was interesting to put some suntan lotion down my part in my hair
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