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Morning Moaning

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I have an 18yr old female neutered Egyptian Mao.

She's generally well behaved. At bedtime, she would curl up with me but at some point during the night end up in her bed in the linen closet.

When I would get up in the morning I would almost always find her fast asleep in her bed.

About 2 months ago there was a drastic change in her behaviour.
She gets up now between 5-6:00am every morining, starts screaming and heads to my bed. There is always food and water in her bowls so she's not hungry or thirsty. It's as if she's demanding to play or be petted. I can't think of any event that triggered her early rise.

I tried closing the bedroom door and locking her out which lead to nonstop screaming and scratching, but after about 15-20mins she gave up and settled down. Even though she eventually settles down I'm getting up at or before dawn and am completely exhausted.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why she is suddenly awakening early and how to deal with this?

Thank you in advance.
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18 is pretty old for a kitty, any drastic behavioral changes is an immediate signal for a vet visit. Our pets are very humble, discomfort or pain fighters, especially if it creeps up on them. You need to speak to your vet as soon as possible!
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I also think a vet visit would be needed. Any changes in a cat that age should be evaluated by a vet. Hope everything checks out ok.
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