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Update on Shadow and Quick Question!

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Ok here is the update first! Shadow is AWSOME not sure now why I never had a cat before! He is now sleeping of nite, eating good, and using litter box!
Ok here is the question! He is sleeping with me, which I dont mind because his purring puts me to sleep LOL but my mother in law said that he was to young to be handled much and i dont want to make him sick! Is it ok for him to sleep with me? He sleeps curled up in my hair, and purrs until he goes to sleep. It is adorable but like i said dont want him to get sick! Thanks for all advice!
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How old is he? I've always handled kittens a few times a day since the day they were born. And have let them sleep with me as they got older. The only danger you would have is if the kitten is small, there is a risk of you rolling over on him when sleeping.
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He is 7-8weeks the vet said on Monday. He sleeps above my head so i dont think i have to worry about rolling over on him. He meows if I put him anywhere else of night and has finally stopped playing now, and goes to sleep. Since he is my first kitty I didnt know if you could make them sick by touching to much, he wants to be with me alllll the time!
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It's fabulous that you are handling him alot...he is learning to be socialized and learning to trust you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving him, petting him, kissing him, you are making him feel loved, giving him confidence, building up his self-esteem and all-round making a nice cat out of him. You don't know his history or the more you handle him and the more he responds positively to you will certainly help in training him as he grows up.

I equate pets to children...kind words foster happiness, acceptance and strength. We kiss our kids, stroke their hair, pat their shoulders, give them hugs.....and they respond positively and feel loved. The same is for our pets..and cats and dogs have enough intelligence to know when they are loved and accepted.

If Shadow feels safe sleeping with you..then let him. He may grow out of it later on and you'll miss him. For now, he wants to be close to you....he may still remember being lost, hungry and cold out in those woods. He just wants to make sure he's never in that position again. He's just a baby...and we don't turf our babies aside when they need some cuddling.

He sounds like a wonderful for both of you!!!
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Unless you are a small child and are handling him roughly (which of course you are neither), then IMO give him all the handling and cuddling he wants. I have always handled and cuddled every cat I've ever had and every one has turned out to be loving and gentle. Bijou was 12 weeks when we got him and he slept with me from day 1. He had to have a little suckle on my neck every night before bed and although he has grown out of that habit, he still licks the same spot on my neck every night before he settles down beside me with his head on my pillow facing me. Unfortunately lately he seems to think my eyelids need cleaning before bedtime and let me tell you those little tongues are as rough as sandpaper.

Some cats do not like to be cuddled and they'll let you know. So, if your little guy likes it, believe me it wont' hurt him and it won't make him sick.

I slept with my Siamese Susie from the time she was 8 weeks old and she always slept curled up against my tummy in under the covers. I worried about rolling on her because I'm a very deep sleeper but she always managed to get my attention if I was leaning on her. If your kitty likes sleeping on your pillow I'd say you have no worries. Enjoy!
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Thanks Im glad I think I am enjoying him as much as he is enjoying me if not more. His purring is so soothing, and he just goes right to sleep with me in no time. Glad to know Im not hurting him!
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GLad everything continues to go well! As everyone said, you won't make him sick by handling him and letting him sleep with you. I love having my cat sleep up on the bed with me, though she isn't a kitten it's still aborable, especially when I open my eyes and there is a snoozing kitty face right next to mine on the pillow.
How are the introductions going with your dogs, are they still runing in fear of him? LOL, You must gets pics of the big shepards with the teeny ktten!
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No it's wonderful that he likes to be loved! When they are young it teaches them to be affectionate and not afraid. It's good to have lots of different friends and family around him too so that he isn't nervous around new people.

It's so cute that he sleeps by your head. Both of my babies did that when they were kittens, but now they just sleep wherever they want... on my belly, my feet, my legs.... LOL.

I am so glad you're so happy with Shadow!
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I managed to get a decent pic of Shadow on but not sure how to add more pics of Shadow and shepherds.
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You DO want to be careful not to teach him that your hands are playthings. Usually about 10 weeks, kittens play a little more vigorously and often start biting. If they have a sibling, they learn not to bite to hard. Since yours is an only kitty, you should look around on the site here to find hints on how to keep a kitten from biting your hands or feet.

We had a cat named Truman who used to sleep next to my wife's head. He seemed to purr all night, and you're right, it's very soothing. She had to wear a hair net to keep him from chewing on her hair, sometimes, though!
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